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Could you imagine going to an ATiC meeting on a small mountain hut, far away from any road ? About 100m above the parking area ? Well, ATiCs wouldn't be ATiCs if such minor problems could stop them !

So almost 50 of them decided to participate in this meeting at the remote skiing hut of the local ski club of Glarus. It is located approx. 800m over the valley (1250m above sea level) and while you can drive the first few hundreds of them, the last meters are only rechable (*) via a short but breathtaking 15 min hike ...
(coordinates are 47.057163 degrees north and 9.084352 degrees east WGS84)

The road ends at this place. At the first day we were rewarded by a great view over to the Toedi and Lake Kloental while having temperatures of nearly 30 degrees. On the second picture you can see parts of the huge equipment our great organization team Adi, Tom & Gertrud coordinated, organized and transported.

Atfer the hike we reached the small and very snuggy ski hut. Visitors were expected in the ATiC VIP lounge (err, white tent) for a refreshing drink. Afterwards those far beyond the huts' capacity of 30 people had to choose their campsite in the steep mountains, the others could take a refreshing shower ... in the cold river (no one wanted to !)

On the first day we had two alternative tours prepared, one towards the big glacier surrounded passes like Susten, Grimsel and Furka. The other one towards the inner swiss to the the places where William Tell is said to have lived when Switzerland was founded in 1291.
Unluckily the weather in the mountains looked like the photo at Klausenpasse, so you can imagine how the tour in the alpine regions was.

However, in the evening we had BBQ and warming drinks in our hut and I don't know any more how long the party was going on ...

On day two the famous ATiC Iron Butt tour took place. On this tour you can reach 9 passes in three countries, among these are the hightest of Switzerland and Italy! If you want to do it on your own, you can find the Roadbook of the Iron Butt Tour here. Just 400km to go, uncounted hairpines and you will be happy. Moreover the weather was looking quite good now!

Ofenpass Berninapass

In the evening there was party time again! Even more ribs on the grill and some barrels of beer left ...

The meeting ended officially on Sunday morning and the participants started heading homewards (some coming even as far as from the netherlands and belgium!). There were giant logistic efforts behind this meeting (see Adi on the hut at the laptop...) and I think it was a big proof for the ATiC spirit to cope on the tiny and remote hut. Imagine that even bread and milk had to be fetched from a farmer by tough voluntary hikers in the morning!

(*) You may say that there are nearly no places where the AT can't go. That's true of course, but there are strict laws which don't allow driving on the endangered ecological area of the swiss alpine meadows.

The participants:

No name email atic country
1 Michael Dipper 001
2 Adrian Burkert 002
3 Thomas Born 003
4 Gertrud c/o Tom 003
5 Jürgen Reimann 047
6 Michael Krebs 030
7 Andreas Mittheiss 006
8 Ingo Döring 098
9 Nadine c/o Ingo 098
10 Marco Kost 070
11 Falk Schmal 130
12 Wolfram Birk 200
13 Paraskeyas Paraskeyopoulos
14 Pasxalis Tsalikis
15 Elias Katsikas
16 Martin Franz 011
17 Alba c/o Martin 011
18 Stefan Schneider 056
19 Rainer Esser 133
20 Carola Freyberg c/o Rainer 133
21 Oliver Walenta 250
22 Erik Schild 126
23 Marcel Sieling 009
24 Renate Hape 089
25 Michael Fernhout
26 Achim Mühlberger 013
27 Christine c/o Achim 013
28 Thomas Müller 225
29 Frank Müller
30 Torsten Metzner 144
31 Stefan Gries 127
32 Ulrike Albrecht
33 Pol Tube
34 Patrick Vink
35 Andreas Traunfellner 257
36 Claudia Netal c/o Andreas
37 Eric Ocvirk
38 Werner Rosenthal
39 Christian Groesswang
40 Michael Selg 206
41 Thomas Stueber
42 Stefanie Burkert
43 Karoline Spötzl
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