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ATiC meetings ...

Each red dot represents a meeting place

For more than 10 years ATiC has brought together people from all over Europe regardless of their vehicle or nationality. ATiC meetings have been shown up as unforgetable events with great trips, lots of "afterwork" pleasure and most important new locations and new faces at each event.

For an impression about the recent meetings just have a look at the reports below:

Event  Location Date Visitors Status

1st ATiC Meeting Zell am See / Austria 1996 10 Report by Micha
2st ATiC Meeting Lake of Konstanz / Germany 1996 16 Report by Micha
3rd ATiC Meeting Tuscany / Italy 1997 39 Report by Micha
4th ATiC Meeting Wildalpen / Austria 1997 28 Report by Micha
5th ATiC Meeting Volos / Greece 1998 ~ 100 Report by Micha
6th ATiC Meeting Glarus / Switzerland 1998 43 Report by Micha
7th ATiC Meeting Sauerland / Germany 1999 123 Report by Thomas
8th ATiC Meeting Ossana / Italy 1999 46 Report by Nicola
9th ATiC Meeting Clermont-l'Herault / France 2000 55 Report by Rhys
10th ATiC Meeting Gemona del Friuli / Italy 2000 42 Report by Michi
11th ATiC Meeting Castelbo / Spain 2001 38 Report by Andreas
12th ATiC Meeting Pozza di Fassa / Italy 2001 31 Reports by Bernd and Ingo
13th ATiC Meeting Calabria / Italy 2002 38 Report by Francesco
14th ATiC Meeting Opocno / Czech 2002 56 Report by Micha
15th ATiC Meeting Argeles sur Mer / France 2003 40 Report by Micha
16th ATiC Meeting Herpelmont / France 2003 38 Report by Falk
17th ATiC Meeting Agia Galini / Greece 2004 16 Report by Micha
18th ATiC Meeting Abeto di Lutirano / Italy 2004 32 Report by Beppe
19th ATiC Meeting Vibstad / Norway 2005 25 Report by Micha
20th ATiC Meeting Bari Sardo / Sardegna 2006 12 No report submitted

There are no current plans for further ATiC events. For details please refer to notes to the future of ATiC.

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