Roadbook to the Iron Butt Tour of the 6th ATiC meeting by Micha Dipper, ATiC #001

This tour will lead you through Switzerlands's most eastern parts, mainly through the district of Graubünden (Grischun) but there are even some kilometers in Italy included.You will meet a lot of pass roads, including Switzerland's and Italy's highest ones. In Livignio, a toll free area, you will be able to buy fuel, cigaretts, alcohol, ... (sorry, no @'s) at a very low prices.  On the way through the Engadin you can see impressive glaciers and will touch famous winter sport resorts like Davos or St. Moritz. 
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This tour will have a driving time of some more than 7 hours plus breaks and relaxing in the mountains. So a departure time of about 08:00 must be scheduled - believe me it's worth it !
Distance  Location  Direction  Description 
000.000km Glarus B 17 - Weesen  
014.400km Weesen N 3, Sargans Take the highway for the next 50km, you will need your time!
048.100km Sargans   stay on the higway, I know its boring ...
064.600km Landquart B 28 - Klosters/Davos  
106.800km Davos B 28 - Fluelapass, Susch Imagine thousands of skiers here in the wimter ...
Fluelapass   Your first pass for today. Don't rest too long. The downride is twisty and pure fun!
Susch B 27/28 - Zernez  
140.000km Zernez B 28 - Ofenpass, Sta. Maria  
Ofenpass   Stop shortly and enjoy the view.
172.00km Sta. Maria Umbrailpass Alternative: Go to Passo di Stelvio via Schluderns, Spondigna, Trafoi. Best choice if you want to explore all of the 37 hair pines !
Umbrailpass   Some kilometers of gravel on this pass ...
Unnamed crossing Passo di Stelvio A few meters after the customs you can turn left and go up to Passo di Stelvio, where you meet those who took the alternative route.
Passo di Stelvio   Enjoy the giant view to the ice covered Ortler, Tirol's highest mountain. Don't forget to look down the hair pines and see this giant work in building up an alpine road!
Passo di Stelvio Bormio You have to go back the few kilometers to Umbrail, enjoy the uncountable turns on the way down to Bormio.
232.700km Bormio Livignio  
Passi di Foscagno   Not a very impressive pass. Fast riding.
268.800km Livigno Forcola di Livigno Don't forget to refill your bike for about 1000 Lira/l and buy some toll-free alcoholics or cigaretts if you like. But mind the customs! Switzerland is non-EC and so you are quite limited. It is quite sure that they check you in this area ...
Forcola di Livigno Berninapass A very remote and stony pass ... 
Berninapass B 29 - St. Moritz Back in Switzerland you reach the Berninapass with a great view to Piz Bernina and in the valley to both of your hands.
  Samedan/St. Moritz The way down you will cross the railroad several times. Short before the second crossing you should make a short brake and look back up to Piz Bernina (now from the other side) and its dirty and big Morteratsch glacier flowing down the valley.
309.800km Samedan Zernez Alternative: Albulapass is quite twisty, if you are in a hurry use the faster route via Julierpass although it is not so nice with lots of traffic.
La Punt Albulapass Don't forget to turn left here ...
Albulapass   A normally not used road, so you won't see many cars here...
358.000km Tiefencastel Lenzerheide Even if the signs tell you something different, go to Chur via Lenzerheide, it makes much more fun.
369.100km Lenzerheide Chur Nice resort for wintersports
391.300km Chur N13 - Landquart Take the highway.
Landquart N13 / B 17 - Glarus From now on you should know the way!
462.700km Glarus You made it !

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Roadbook to the Iron Butt Tour of the 6th ATiC meeting in Glarus, Switzerland
by Micha Dipper, ATiC #001