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Honda Africa Twin FAQ

These pages shall help you in general questions about the Africa Twin. Most of the information was collected by the members of the ATiC. If you have any additional input please feel free to contact us - the database lives from your support !

Tips & Tricks

Modify your tripmaster to show your cruising speed.
Fix problems with a loose battery connector.
Changing and adjusting the chain easily.
Make your @ more visible with two burning frontlights.
Broken bearings at the rear wheel.
Easier starting after long parking periods.
Some infos about the front suspension.
Mounting and using a scottoiler.
Fix your broken RD03 CDI unit.


German "Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung" für Reifenumrüstungen (RD07).
German "Mustergutachten für TKC80".
Official and unofficial repair handbooks.
Infos about power reductions
The seat is too high for you ?
Africa Twin in the USA


@ specific clubs & connections


10 years of Africa Twin !
First pictures of unpresented Africa Twin models.
Africa Twin wishlist for future models.
My very private @ specific packing list.


There are lots of accessories available for the Africa Twin, including replacements for some of the original parts. For a rough survey you may have a look at our seperate accessory pages.

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