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You are an owner of an Africa Twin ?
You are planning to purchase one soon ?
You are interested in tips, tricks and technical information ?
You want to get the latest insider news ?
You want to learn why your bike is better than others ?
You just wan't to meet other Africa Twin riders ?

If you answered yes on at least one question you should have a look at the Africa Twin Mailing List.
It's not sponsored by Honda and thus you get a maximum of independent information !


Parts of the software managing all inputs and mails on this list are handmande by me (so still buggy :-), the internet is an area which can't be fully controlled or supervised.
This means that we can't accept any responsibility for the usage of the list. If you do so, you do at your own risk! Software bugs or misbehaved users may mess up your mailbox and creeps on the net may catch your email address for spamming. Of course we try to avoid such things as much as possible, but you should be aware of the risks and have been warned.

And - in case you've forgotten it:
Send your postings to

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