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17th ATiC meeting
May 2004
Agia Galini / Crete / Greece

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After some serious complaints on the last meeting about the journey being too short we have decided for a more "challenging" place. The 17th ATiC meeting therefore took place in Greece on Crete island near the lovely old town Agia Galini in the south of the island.

The meeting was be celebrated from 22th May 2004 (evening) until 27th May 2004 (departure).

We stayed on Camping "No problem" Agia Galini, about 10 minutes to walk from the town centre. The camping includes a mini market, swimming pool, heated showers and a restaurant.


Since all participants insisted to arrive on their @ and noone took the "easy" way via aircraft the trip to crete was quite time consuming. From Italy you need at least two ferries, one over the mediterenean sea to Patras or Igoumenitsa and a second one from Athens to Crete. This makes a trip of at least 5 days and lots of nights on windy ferry decks ...

Of course our tough cookers didn't forget to prepare cool pasta on deck and getting some quite envious comments from hungry tourists nearby.

Despite some short storms the weather on crete stayed very lovely and with about 25 to 28 degrees travelling within May is really enjoyable. Some pictures from trips over the island ...

Our main problem to get "in action" in the morning was the lovely campsite with its excellent, refreshing pool and Manoli's (the campsites's chief) delicious but exhaustive meals in the evenings. So mostly we were quite too lazy for exhaustive trips and preferred to stay in the sun. Other hampering stuff like homemade ouzo will be not mentioned now :)

Finally I want to thank all of you for doing this long trip with us and enjoying our stay in Agia Galini. And of course we have to thank Manoli' for his really endless friendship and hospitality I never will forget!


We also did some geocaching on this trip.
Just visit this lovely place!!!


  1. Michael Dipper
  2. Nina Müller
  3. Werner Rosenthal
  4. Karin Lehmkühler on XLV600
  5. Thomas Mueller
  6. Ingo Doering
  7. Bernd Wolfes
  8. Udo Koelling
  9. Ralph Mason & Carole on Toyota Landcruiser, err what?
  10. Gian Luca Giangualano & Romina
  11. Lory Durighello on XLV600
  12. Guido & Daniela Marangoni
  13. Dimitris Paretzoglou Sat-Mon


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