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25-29 August 1999

During Spring 1999 Beppe (atic #8) was looking for someone living in North-East Italy that could help him to manage the 8th ATiC meeting: I replied and I was immediately f... (ehm!) involved in the organization.
Ossana  was choiced for its beautiful location in the middle of the mountains.

The meeting

We reached the campsite Monday 23rd, our places was totally free: strange feeling to see it empty, but from Wednesday 25th the Atics came every five minutes from morning up to late night and soon our area was full of tents: beautiful !!

The next morning was sunny and a lot of people took a tour, that evening we had the first BBQ, unfortunately it started to rain and the BBQ area was wet, but people didn't care about it.... in the meantime the last Atics reached the campsite.

Friday several tours started and we reached Meran and Ultimo's valley whit a short off road trip where someone (me!) had some difficulties.
In the evening we had common dinner at a restaurant, where 40 hungry atics made the waitress crazy :)

After a rainy day Saturday morning we had a beautiful weather and some Atics proved their heroism going rafting, but you know that in the mountains the weather change quickly: in the late afternoon it started to rain.

After we found the necessary equipment (covers for cookers, alu-saucespans, wood, light, and so on) the Saturday night BBQ party started inside the "Atic's lounge"

Soon we started to sing... we made a lot of noise up to late night and nobody cared about us since the noise of the river covered our songs and for our neighbourgs it was another "peaceful" night.

Some of us had too much "spirit" and drank too much: but who cares, we could feel the real ATiC Spirit !!

Sunday morning people started to load their bikes, someone later than the others, then the departure: the appointment is for the next meetings.

Here you find some impressions from Beppe's diary....


     1.Beppe Bonardi Burlando
     2.Nicola Moretto & Daniela
     3.Michael Dipper & Britta
     4.Torsten Metzner
     5.Adrian Burkert
     6.Wolfram Birk
     7.Thomas Mueller
     8.Martin Franz
     9.Ingo Doering
   10.Falk Schmal
   11.Michi Selg
   12.Cesare Pellisero & Monika
   13.Jörg Jünger + Brigitte
   14.Michael Krebs
   15.Axel Willimzig "Zebra"
   16.Jürgen Reimann
   17.Frank Müler & Claudia
   18.Francesco "Ciccio" Gentile
   19.Andreas Lienhardt & Bettina Born
   20.Martin Bischof & Kornelia
   21.Thomas Born
   22.Udo Koelling
   23.Holger Haenisch
   24.Francesco Gonzato
   25.Horst Westenkirchner
   26.Stephan Gries
   27.Ulrike Albrecht
   28.Andrea Grua
   29.Diego Franco
   30.Alberto Grua (c/o
   31.Gian Luca Giangualano & Lory
   32.Thanos Stayrou
   34.Elias Katsikas (c/o
   35.Christophe Bouju
   36.Udo Tschöpe (c/o
   37.Lorenzo Marsigli
   38.Davide ()

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