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From the Beppe's diary...

"Francesco , wake up , shit , we have to leave to the meeting."
"whoa , it's already  6 am ? we got to bed at 2 am , let me sleeping a little more ..."
"are you kidding ?! it's 8 o'clock , we are late , Nicola and other guys wait for us."

Sunny weather today : great ! I dont need moto-x booth and pants , I'm absolutely sure we wont have any rain.
"Ciao Nicola , at last I'll meet you Hi Micha , hi Cesare , Martin how are you ? Ingo , Thomas , Michi , Elijas , hi everybody!"
Old and new friends are there.

I got the impression a "bella ragazza" has already destroyed a couple of bikes...
"What ? 15 beers are not enough ? Are you sure ? Stefan is not yet here , ok we'll buy some 45 bottles."

By the way , you talked about rain but don't worry , no rain with me.
I never caught rain during my bike trips , no problem.
It's raining !!!
Ok guys , no problem , we'll place a tent-cover over the BBQ tables But it's raining even more! No problem , it's still ending.
Damm I believed there was a lot of meat, it seems to me everybody it's angry !  And Martin , where is Martin ? It's midnight.
SGM from Schneissy , he's coming !  Well , Martin too is back at base .

What is this ? Water ?!? Hoo , it has rained all the night.
Marsiglio you have a really democratic tent : water inside and outside.
What is this ? Water ?!? It's like summer in Switzerland , I even like to turn around shoesless !

On tour , go: "Who said Meran is a beautiful town ? Va la , va la , va la"
Ultenthal/Ultimo valley , twisty road , fun
"This tires are shit !!"
"Nicolino , are exactly like mine , maybe you need just some off-road practice Please dont stop there, dont even use the clutch ! C'mon , just turn there ... no , no, not THERE !"

"Micha , are you really going to WALK to restaurant ?"
"Haarghh , I booked 40 places to the restaurant , how happen there are only 30 , some people is standing , yes , you modified my reservation , nice idea ,  I'm just gonna kill you"
Pizza , pizza , pizza and waitresses (is'nt it Nefertiti?)
"Sorry sir , wich mushrooms on pizza ?"
"The beeest ones !"

It's raining again ? No , today there's the true italian sun! Ok guys , go rafting !
Wapht , Adi , that's the basin to clean the raft gears not me !
HOHOOOOOHOHOPPHOPPHOOPHOOPPPHOPPoooooo Yessir , a nice grosser-steak to balance the loss of protheins during the river-descent . Yessir , my name is Stefan , did you already hear about me ?  Are you sure , it's raining again ? 45 beers are ok ? 10 bottles of wine ? Did you mention Wodka ?

"Ramazzotti Due ! -No  Zebra , please I don't want to drink a Ramazzotti at 4.oo pm in a supermarket parking lot, c'mon please ..."
"Raining , yes , maybe, but , y'a know , if we have the dinner upstairs ..."
" Michi , slow down with your ATic truck, we are on time to deliver the meat load . Hoops , I hit a somebody's trunk with the pan ; dammn it's mine."

"Ramazzotti Due !!!"

"I brought with me a special wine from Bologna , gooood , very good.No mandolino?!? "
...Gluh gluh gluh ...
"Le bionde trecce abbandonate e poi"
...HAARGH ....
"Do you like some wine ...Are you the Varadaro guys?..."
Wodka and Ramazzotti
already out ....Lory... 2 am ...A special thanks to ....Blurp ...More sausages ... Tzaziki...Wine out ...Beers out ... Ramazzott... The Marsiglio's feet out ...
                                                                                                                   GOOD NIGHT

                                                                                                                   -It's raining-


"Marsiglio dont trow up in the tent , are you better now ?"
"You know , yesterday night you drunk like a swine"
 Ready , go back home on the rain !

                                                                                                    Goodbye to the next meeting

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