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Switzerland/ Nufenen tour provided by: Adrian Burkert




Height of pass: 2478 m
Slope: 10 %
# of turns:
Best season:
Time: 39 min Airolo - Ulrichen
Distance: 32.7 km Airolo - Ulrichen
Roadmap: Map of the Nufenen GPS Data

Location Coordinate [WGS84] Type Services
Airolo 46° 31' 43.1'' N 008° 36' 39.7'' E town all services
Nufenen pass 46° 28' 29.3'' N 008° 22' 48.3'' E pass all services
Ulrichen 46° 29' 58.8'' N 008° 17' 59.6'' E village all services


General information
Road condition: good

Road description
[from Airolo to Ulrichen]
The first kilometers you pass small picturesque villages where many people still live their traditional ticinese life. Then the road becomes a racetrack (001 & 002 decided to renamel it to Martin 'Mad Max' Franz-pass) ...

Up there you have a nice view to the south (snow mountains)

The way down isn't any more spectacular than the way up but still worth the ride - after all a good connection between the Valais (west) and the Ticino (south).

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