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ATiC Tour Guide FAQ

Q: Who is building up the database ?

A: You !!! I did some of the Swiss pages, which can be used as an example how I think the guide should look like but you are free to do it in your own way.

Q: My area isn't as nice as others for motorcycling (no mountains, no beaches, no gravel roads) so I can't write anything !

A: Wrong - people from the mountainous are like to do go to the pains as much as the peoples from the plains like the mountains ! I think the area you live in is the area you think not too interesting  because you are used to ride it - but not the others: everybody should share experiences and tips about the area he knows best. If everyone from the mailing list has just one good tour the guide will contain more than 300 tours very soon and make it one of the largest guides of this kind in the internet !!!!

Q: What kinds/formats of documents do you need ?

A: You can provide the information in any form you like.

    1. If you're experienced with HTML:
      Send me a mail first ! Two reasons: First I could give you HTML masks for the guide if you want and you only have to fill in the information. Second I am using a private account, so we have to talk about the size of the pictures (etc.) before attaching to a mail ... my mailer cancels attaches over 200k !
    2. If you're not experienced with HTML or  just have little information (links?):
      Just attach Text (ASCII or all common text processor formats) to your Email and tell me where you want me to put the information.

Q: What about copyrighted information ?

A: Do only use and send not copyrighted material. I cannot check this therefore you take full responsibility for the materials you provide !
If you send me pictures taken by yourself, please allow editing and copying so I can change the database without asking every time !

Q: Is this a commercial service ?

A: Nope ! In the true ATiC spirit it is free for all. There will be no obligation of any kind when you are using it, but as it takes a lot of time to build up something like this - it would be fair when you write some new info to the database in exchange.

Q: What kind of information should the guide contain ?

A: Any information about touring !

Generally the guide is divided into the member's countries listed in alphabetical and content order.
There is a general page for all the countries which should contain general information about the country.

To each country I'd like to ad sub pages for ...

  • special features of that country (like I did for the mountain passes in the alpine countries)
  • tours
  • off road adventures
  • meetings
  • accommodation
  • tourist information
  • motorist clubs / road assistance

Each page could contain info like ...
  • maps
  • pictures
  • sights
  • links
  • road descriptions
  • coordinates
  • GPS Data

Q: Why are there no Email addresses of the authors of the tour reports ?

A: The last few month showed us the nasty sides of the internet commercialization: Spam mails are flooding everybody's mailboxes. To avoid this there is and will be no Email address on these pages !!! Every tour listed is signed by the author and his ATiC number (you can get the Email address at Micha's site)

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