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Switzerland/ Klausenpass tour provided by: Adrian Burkert




Height of pass: from 462m (Altdorf) / 481m (Glarus) to 1954m
Slope: 10%
# of turns: many
Best season: almost all year
Time: 70min Glarus to Altdorf
Distance: 56km Glarus to Altdorf
Roadmap: Map of the Klausenpassstrasse
Location Coordinate [WGS84] Type Services
Klausenpass 46°52'14.8'' N / 008°50'52.4''E Pass restrooms, kiosk with snacks
Urnerboden 46°53'31.5'' N / 008°54'01.9''E Village restaurants, picnic area, hiking
Glarus 47°02'14.2'' N / 009°03'51.2''E City shops, pubs, restaurants, gas stations
Altdorf 46°53'05.0'' N / 008°38'44.9''E City shops, pubs, resturants, gas stations
Linthal 46°55'16.2'' N / 008°59'42.3''E Town shops, resturant, kiosk

General information
In the summertime a lot of bikers are meeting in the restaurants and pubs at Urnerboden or down the hill to Altdorf.

In the 50's there used to be a car race up the hill once a year - they now started this again a few years ago, but still drive carefully !
In the area of Urnerboden cows can materialize only a few meters after the next turn, the army might train in the area and also the people living up there need a break sometimes.

The police checks on weekends during summer. From Altdorf to the pass you can see some crosses - these drivers didn't think that it was a dangerous road !!! - so please be careful unless you can fly like an eagle or are a crash-test-dummy ....

Road description
[from Glarus to Altdorf]

The road conditions are very good but always think of rocks that might fall down or vehicles cutting the curves. Speed limit is at most places 80km/h, in the villages 50km/h.

In the beginning there is short part (about 1000m) of the old stone road left (very nice) then the road winds up in turns to Urnerboden - a high plateau surrouded by a very nice skyline formed by limestone peaks.

Then the road gets twisty again and you gain a lot of height up to the pass. Turns of all variations follow short and long accelleration straights.

After the pass the first part is quite dangerous because on the left side the mountain is very steep and the road is bordered on the letf by small walls. About 1.5km down there is a rest place where you should stop and have a look over the upper Schächental at the Chammli mountain, the snow covered Clariden mountains and the Stäubi waterfall.

Then you drive down in long straights and some turns to the valley .... finally you end up in small villages following the roadsigns to Altdorf.

If you want to make it a nice roundtrip go back over the Sattel/Rothenturm to Pfäffikon SZ and then back to Glarus.

Sights in the area

  • The Hölloch caves are supposed to be one of the biggest cave systems of the world (more than 160km, only 1km for open to public). Open all day except Monday and Tuesday - but still do check in advance (telefone number is +41-(0)43-712771). You'll see Stalaktites/Stalagmites, an underground river and some or the caves animals. From Altdorf to Brunnen, Schwyz, Unteriberg then follow the Hölloch Cave signs.
  • The church in Einsiedeln (if you take the way back as I descibed earlier) was built in the 18th century and is a famous pilgrims place, who want to see the black madonna and the nice nice paintings and Stukkaturen at the walls.
  • The three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden founded Switzerland in 1291 - the saga made famous by the German poet Friedrich Schiller ('William Tell' - Swiss national hero) so it's no wonder that there are many museums, places and Sights related to Swiss history in the area around Altdorf (which is the capitol of the canton of Schwyz)
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