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Spain - Tour
Spain / Sierra Nevada tour provided by: Andreas Lienhardt

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Granada, tour between GRANADA and ALMERIA

Since the ski - worldchampionship you can reach the SIERRA NEVADA on a big street, but not without curves. The road starts in GRANADA and goes up to the PICO DE VELETA at 3398 m. The road conditions are going more bad the higher you come. At the place SIERRA NEVADA the road gets smaller with more curves. Only in summer the road can be used complete. Several breaks (at 2000 and 2400 m) stop you at several altitudes. It depends on how much snow is there.

From the other side a 30 km off road section reaches the peak. The last time I was where you there not allowed to go over the pass to the off road section because there is a national park. You have to get a permission in an office:

  • Oficina de informacion del parque natural de sierra nevada
    18411 Pampaneira, C. Veronica
    s/n Tel. (958) 76 31 27
    open daily from 10 - 14 and 16:30 - 19:30

  • Centro de visitantes del parque natural de sierra nevada
    04470 Laujar-Berja, Kilometer 1,
    Tel: (950) 51 35 48
    open daily from 10 - 14 and 16:30 - 19:30

I didn't have to pass any checkpoints by bike - but the last time (I was there by car) two men were checking passports up there.
Some of the tourist guides mention, that there is a checkpoint at the begin of the gravelroad on the other side.

If you use the Off road section you can try to reach the MULHACEN, the most high point in Europe to reach by @. (3482 m). Sometimes the road is blocked with mud, so you have no chance to go.

If you cross from GRANADA the endpoint is CAPILEIRA in the "ALPUJARRAS". From there a street with lots of curves bring you back to GRANADA or to TREVELEZ the highest village in Spain. (Enjoy the ham.). If you want to go to the coast you reach MORTIL after 64 km. A 100 km more east, near BAZA, a dessert like country invites you to some trips. North in direction JAEN are some more little SIERRAS (mountains) and lots of olive trees.

Additions & Comments
I have some news for you in order to update the Sierra Nevada tour, in Spain.

Unfortunately we will never be able to drive up to the Pico, Veleta or Mulhacen again, is no longer a doubt, it´s a fact; as we say in Spain, innocent always pay for guity. Thanks to all that new 4x4 drivers who use to drive everywhere pretending to be in the Granada-Dakar, regional government decided to cut out with this, and there is a checkpoint both sides of the track, one on the Alpujarras´side, about 5 kms from Capileira (last village if you are going up) and the other some kms after the ski resort. There is only a chance to do it, as police told me: get a permission at the AGENCIA DEL MEDIO AMBIENTE (A.M.A.: Environment agency) in Granada city. I don´t know the adress, but if somebody has interest on in, I can get it and send it to you, no problem. Anyway, the track to the Mulhacen is no longer open for any kind of vehicle, except bicycles. Of course you can do it by walk. There is a second reason; Sierra Nevada is going to be a National Park in some months, and we all know what it means.

I can understand the restrictions, but with terrible pain. I used to go there on my @ everytime I needed some peace and complete silence. Anyway...

Feel free to ask anything you consider of interest. I know very well the south of Spain on a bike.

Cucho dePaz (Málaga, Spain)


  • in GRANADA
  • in the ALPUJARRES
  • at the coast

Sights in the area

  • houses in caves in GUADIX
  • Alhambra in GRANADA

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Andreas Lienhardt put together some fantastic Web ressources about Spain and Andorra.


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