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Spain - Tour
Spain / Andalucia tour provided by: Andreas Lienhardt

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We start this tour by coming from PORTUGAL. Crossing the border at AYAMONTE at a brand new bridge over the RIO GUADIANA. There is also a chance to do it by ferry. (When I was there the first time you have to take a ferry). The E1 / N 431 takes you fast and straight to HUELVA. You can use the highway for the 96 km to SEVILLA without paying toll. If you want you can go off the highway to the right and visit the famous PARQUE NATIONAL DE DONANA, there the RIO GUADALQUIVIR reach the ocean. It is not allowed to go into the park by car or bike! There are guided tours available.

In SEVILLA you can watch a lot of things. (GIRALDA, EXPO'92-area, ALCAZAR;...). Leaving to the south, takes you via DOS HERMANAS to JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA. We have been there for some days. We took the Camping in ROTA. It is direct near the beach and quiet nice, but... There is a airbase nearby, so army-jet's are starting all day and night. Also helicopters and other planes are disturbing. So only take it if you don't care!! We saw a lot of Chameleons there and had a lot of fun with them. We walked some kilometers on the flat sandy beaches. (only crowded on weekends).

In JEREZ we visited the REAL ESCUELA ANDALUZA DE ARTE ECUESTRE . (the royal riding school) of course, you know that woman like horses! ;-) ) It could be difficult to get tickets for this, you should ask at your camping or at the ticket office at the entrance. (Tickets round 1200 Pts in 1998). Nearby you can find the famous SHERRY factories like SANDEMAN, TIO PEPE and more. Of course we also visited the CIRCUITO DE JEREZ which is a few kilometers outside near the N 342 direction ARCOS DE LA FRONTERA. We got no permission to take a ride on the GP-track. :-( On the way to ARCOS you pass a lot of great horse - farms, where the famous Andalusian horses are breed. ARCOS is also a very nice town on a rock. You can visit a very nice church there. (if you in a hurry you can take this road to GRANADA ca. 300 km).

On the other side of the BAHIA DE CADIZ, 35 km beyond JEREZ you reach CADIZ. The N 340 takes you south to TARIFA (famous for windsurfing, watch them!), ALGECIRAS and GIBRALTAR. Take a look to AFRICA. You can take a ferry to TANGER or CEUTA. (take your @ to Africa).

10 km behind ALGECIRAS you will find a small road, the C 3331 on the left which takes you to RONDA. (go round Ronda :-) here you will find some nice small roads with nice curves - you are in the mountains!) One of the famous PUEBLOS BLANCOS, the white cities of Andalusia. Also from ARCOS, if you take the C 344 and C 339 you can reach RONDA. This is a very nice and crowded town. Most impressive is a bridge in the middle of the town over a deep valley. Take a look down!

50 km down on the C 339 and you are back at the COSTA DEL SOL. Next is MARBELLA, FUENGIROLA, TORREMOLINOS and MALAGA. One year we spend some nights on a camping in Fuengirola which is a typical tourist place. (Hotels direct near the beach, I don't like it that much). You also have the chance to take your way through the mountains to ANTEQUERA. (95 km to GRANADA, 60 km to MALAGA and 120 km to CORDOBA). From MALAGA you can follow the coast till SALOBRENA and then through the LAS ALPUJARRAS to GRANADA and SIERRA NEVADA.

This is not all of ANDALUSIA, only the western part. A report of the eastern part will follow!! :-)


  • there a several places for camping, the most you may find at the coast, also in every bigger city.

Sights in the area

  • GIBRALTAR: (you are in England!) APES ROCK, WATCHING AFRICA,
  • RONDA: PLAZA DE TOROS (bull fight; around is a viewpoint 200m high over the Tajo-river); PUENTE NUEVO (100m high bridge over the Guadalevin-river).
  • CORDOBA: LA MEZQUITA (open daily from 10:30 - 13:30 and 16:00 - 19:00; most famous mosque-building in Spain). JUDERIA (Jewish-quarter); RUTA DEL VINO
  • GRANADA: CATHEDRAL (build 1523 - 1717); ALBAICIN (Moron-quarter) ; ALHAMBRA (you MUST watch it!!). (Open from 9:00 - 20:00; So. 9:00 - 18:00; at night Tu, Thu and Sa. 22:00 - 24:00. NOTE: On your ticket is a "time-area" of 30 min. Only in this time you are allowed to go in, then you can stay as long as you want. (There are different areas available for visiting. GENERALIFE (great garden, view and buildings), ALHAMBRA-PALACE (absolutely famous) and ALCAZABA (the oldest part, not so interesting (for me)).

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