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France tour provided by: Andreas Lienhardt

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This tour was part of our 1996 holiday.

We start the report in ROUEN, a nice old city in northern FRANCE. After visiting the sights of the town you can take the N 138 and than following the river SEINE direction LE HAVRE. We took the small roads like D 490 and D 312 without going to LE HAVRE. We went to HONFLEUR on the other side of the river SEINE and followed the river and the coast on D 513. (Near Le Havre we saw a huge industrial Cannabis-field). The roads are small with some nice curves. Next towns are TROUVILLE, DEAUVILLE and HOULGATE. I found the houses very interesting. In CABOURG you should take the D 514 to reach OUISTREHAM. (otherwise go to CAEN direct and visit the town).

Following the D 514 takes you to places of great history. Here you can find the beaches of "D-Day", where in World War II the Allies start their last great fight. You can visit "UTHA-BEACH; OMAHA-BEACH and GOLD-BEACH. So you are in the heart of the NORMANDIE. Inside the sea sometimes you can see the ships they used for landing. Also you will find some big graveyards and monuments in memory of the big victory. At some information-places you can get material about what happened in this region during WW II. You also can follow some signed roads who are following the historical way of the Invasion-troops.

The name of the district is CALVADOS, like the famous thing to drink. You can and should try it nearly everywhere. You also should visit the city BAYEUX and watch the famous "Carpet of Bayeux".

Leaving the Region via SAINT-LO and the D 999 down to AVRANCHES and PONTAUBAULT. Some kilometers outside a small road turns left to LE MONT-SAINT-MICHEL. A monastery build on a rock surrounded by a famous old town and inside the sea. (! It could be dangerous to park your @ when the water comes back!!).

You can follow the coast till ST-MALO with some very nice views. Try the Oysters which are offered near the road if you want.

From ST-MALO we went down to RENNES after watching some Obelisk and ruins in the Area between ST-MALO and DINAN.


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