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Czech Republic tour provided by: Andreas Lienhardt

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Start at CHEB.

But before you start watch the nice old town. Leave Cheb in direction KARLOVY VARY. After 6km the road splits. Take the right way to MARIANSKE LAZNE, which you arrive after 23km. 2 km after that split you will find a nice lake with a campsite.
Take a little time to watch MARIENBAD. Then take the small road to LAZNE KYNZVART (KÖNIGSWARTBAD). At MESTO KYNZVART go right and via KLADSKA and PRAMENY to MNICHOV. Go left and after 9 more kilometers you arrive BECOV (PETSCHAU). Then it's 25 km to KARLOVY VARY.
The road from CHEB via SOKOLOV to KARLOVY VARY is high frequented, more boring and 42 km long. The young ladies near the street are not hitchhikers. A carton of cigarettes may costs round 25,- DM. Alcohol is also offered cheap but you donít know what will be inside the bottles. The customs examinations at the border are really strict.
From Karlsbad take a nice way through the mountains. First go into direction OSTOROV,JACHYMOV. Here you can go to OBERWIESENTHAL. Behind Jachymov go left to PERNIK. The hills here are all round 1000m high. A nice road takes you then to NEJDEK and on to JINDRICHOVICE to KRASLICE (GRASLITZ). From Kraslice go down to LUBY and then take the small way to KRAJKOVA. From Krajkova along the lake down to KACEROV and KYNSPERK (KÖNIGSBERG). Here you arrive again the road CHEB Ė KARLSBAD. (Right to Cheb).

Started at BAYREUTH and used the border crossing point at WALDMÜNCHEN-HÖLL

The tour to BRNO from last summer. Crossing the BÖHMERWALD a small road takes you to DOMAZLICE (TAUS). Then take road no. 22 via KDYNE to KLATOVY (KLATTAU). On to STRAKONICE and PISEK and arriving TABOR.
Round TABOR (can't remember the name of the small town) we had a private pension with bed and breakfast. It was very nice and cheap (round 15,- DM/person). We got the whole first floor of the house and we had a fridge filled with beer and coke.
The next day we went on to JIHLAVA, TREBIC, ROSICE and finally to BRNO. After the GP races we took the same way back. We didn't use the highway PRAHA - BRNO. The police checked the speed two times.
Along that route we found a lot of nice inns with good and cheap lunch and some nice places to view at the old Czech towns. We enjoyed that tour very much.

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