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Offroad Tyres
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To participate at a rallye is a dream for a lot of bikers. The Africa Twin is a good basis,
but for serious offroad-competition you have to change a lot of parts. Another possibility is to buy a prepared Twinlike the SW mo-tech Rallye Twin.


 The Rallye Twin is based on the RD04. Most of the parts fit also on RD07s except the tank.

The fairing looks like the one of the KTM Adventure and is made by MRS-Rau. It fits perfect to the tank, which comes from the Transalp. 
The sidepanels and the rear fender are from KTM. The Remus exhaust is made of stainless steel. 
A WP Extreme fork and shock absorber are added for better offroad performance. 
The cockpit consists of a roadbook and a GPS system, the original cockpit is completely removed to save weight. 

The handlebar is changed to an Answer ProTaper handlebar. 

The original engineguard was removed. 
The engineguard from mo-tech has a water reservoir on the left and a little container for tools on the right. 


Another brandnew solution is offered by African Queens:
Africa Twin Rallye Forte XRV840

The fairing is replaced by a smaller, lighter one which looks a little bit like the Husqvarna Rallye-Bike. It is made if Kevlar/Carbon and is made of one piece.

The engine is enlarged to 840ccm, leading to 78hp instead of the original 60hp. Cam shafts are changed, also air in- and outtakes as well as the carburettors.

The cooling is improved with bigger coolers, supported by one fan each.

To increase suspension performance, a Marzocchi Magmum50 Upside-Down 285mm fork is added, the rear suspension is improved with an Oehlins damper leading to 320mm of possible movement.

Brakediscs, brakecylinders, and the rest of the brakes are covered with aluminium protectors.

The rear edge of the bike is changed, bigger tanks and a different exhaust is added. The edge also becomes slimmer by changing the side panels.

Finally, the price - lots of parts may be purchased separatly. You bring your own RD04 and you may add up to EUR 14.500 for a complete build of a Rallye Forte. Details available on

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