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5th international ATiC meeting in Volos/Greece

20. May 1998 until 24. May 1998

After celebrating four ATiC meetings mainly in Central Europe (Austria, Germany, Italy), we decided (to proove the "international" ATiC team spirit) to organize this one far in the south in Greece. ATiCs Sakis and Phoebus together with the Africa Twin Club of Northern Greece and the Africa Twin Club Hellas organized this cool event.

Please note that this report is not yet finished. I need your help! Please give me your input on events or locations I couldn't visit simultaneously. Thanks.


Most of the internetional participants arrived at Wednesday evening. We stayed on a beautiful campsite ("Camping Hellas"), located in Kato Gatzea, near the city of Volos. It was located direclty next to sea (which was surpringsly warm at a first bath)  and food and drinks in the evening were provided by a nice restaurant on the campsite.


The first meeting day was Thursday. We planned a trip to Delphi with a small offroad passage in between. However, pushing a big convoi of about 40 bikes through the gravel roads and mud holes needed more time than expected (some victims ...) and we arrived in Delphi quiet late.

(you can see atic#1 testing his new kind of "side-airbag")


On Friday we did a trip to the churches of Meteora. They are remote monastries located on high mountains which made them nearly unclimbable in earlier centuries. From the top you have a great view to the surrounding landscape.

In the evening there was the famous Greek music night! People sitting, talking, eating, drinking and dancing ...


During Saturday most of us did a exploration to the area around Pelio Mountain (easy offroad - no pics :-)) and met for Mototross in Horefto.

For the evening we had the chance to grill a lamb on the campsite! I don't know where it came from but I don't think it was a victim of an @ ... While sitting in front of it and turning at the crank we learned that you can get quiet drunken of Greek Fanta until the meat is ready to eat (4 - 5 hours!) :-)

Addon week Chalkikidi

Most of the visitors spent some further days in Greece. Ten of us followed Sakis to Thessaloniki where we could stay for a night in his house. After exploring the nightlife (Greek way: "start at 2 o'clock in the morning") we continued to the lovely half island Chalkikidi, where we found remote beaches, seldomly driven offroad tracks and lots of sun !

Life is a travel
Travelling is living twice
Omar Khayyam XII century poet.

(Stolen from the official meeting brochure (see inner or outer side))


The participants from ATiC (+ lots of Greek visitors):

  • Sakis Loykmakias
  • Phoebus Katsanos
  • Michael Dipper
  • Adrian Burkert
  • Stefan Schneider & Claudia
  • Martin Franz & Alba
  • Jörg Jünger
  • Jürgen Reimann
  • Markus Zielke
  • Michael Krebs
  • Stephan Griess
  • Falk Schmal
  • Rainer Esser
  • Frank (c/o Rainer)
  • Johannes (c/o Rainer)
  • Beppe Bonardi Burlando
  • Ingo Döring & Nadine
  • Werner Rosenthal & Wife
  • Frank Müller & Claudia
  • Torsten Metzner
  • Marco Spötzl & Karoline
  • Lorenzo Marsigli
  • Oriano Visani
  • Vladimir Stehlik
  • Tomas Spacek
  • Horst Fischer
  • Frank Gottloeber
  • Oliver Heim
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