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18th ATiC meeting
September 2004
Abeto di Lutirano / Tuscany (Italy)


This years' second meeting, the 18th ATiC meeting, was celebrated in lovely Tuscany/Italy. We have selected a small farm house which offers rooms as well as an area for camping.
The location is called Agriturismo il Querceto. It belongs to Firenze department (about 70km away) and is very close to to the Casentiniso forest national park. The next bigger city is Faenza, about 30km away. Some of you might know the area from the former 3rd ATiC meeting :)

Timetable for the meeting was to start on 9th September 2004 (evening) until 12th September 2004 (departure).


Tours for the area may be found - where else :) - in the ATiC tour guide.

Report by Beppe

The Unsettled Motorcyclist's vision of his Death

Across the open countryside, Into the walls of rain I ride. It beats my cheek, drenches my knees, But I am being what I please. The firm heath stops, and marsh begins. Now we're at war: whichever wins My human will cannot submit To nature, though brought out of it. The wheels sink deep; the clear sound blurs: Still, bent on the handle-bars, I urge my chosen instrument Against the mere embodiment. Though so oppressed I find I may Through substance move. I pick my way, Where death and life in one combine, Through the dark earth that is not mine, Crowded with fragments, blunt, unformed; While past my ear where noises swarmed The marsh plant's white extremities, Slow without patience, spread at ease Invulnerable and soft, extend With a quiet grasping toward their end Thom Gunn

I was looking the woods and marsh around, when I reminded this poem.
We are getting old.

That’s what I think while I was waiting in the courtyard of Querceto’s guesthouse the ATicers.
How many years from last meeting in Marradi: seven years ?!?
But it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to see again friends that attended to that meeting: Micha (TheBoss), Jörg Jünger and Michael Krebs, with a kind thought for Sakis Loykmakias, that is no more with us. And all the others I met during these great ATic-years!
The first comers were Tina & Andreas: they stay almost a week in Querceto, to let Tina ride horses on the hills around. Then we had a lunch with the guys from Australia, Belinda & Patrick Peck, on around-the-world-trip: unfortunately they got the wrong bike (a SuperTenerè) to really enjoy their travel. In fact I suggested them to use the SuperT as coke for the Famous ATicB-B-Q, and to purchase a REAL bike (guess which one??!). Anyway, you can follow them on Belinda and Patrick Blog

The ambience was really cool: guys just hanging around, relaxing and enjoying the Maria’s dishes. Doelle was able to establish a special connection between him and the Mamma della Casa: it was crazy to see the big german biker talking wit the small old lady in an absolutely exclusive language. I prepared some tours, you will find tips on ATiC Tour Guide:
a) “Easy off-road tour” around Marradi.
b) “Iron Butt tour” in the mountains between 3 regions: Toscana, Emilia and Liguria
c) “The Po: valleys on the sea” hanging around the delta of Italy biggest river : an unusual and lovely area.
I rode almost 10 hours with Daniela and Guido to visit some Toskana monastery: unfortunately GLG this time did not follow us, too busy to care his tan.

But the most appreciated ride wasn’t on an @, but on horses ! You can’t imagine how fun was to see Dölle talking with his horse to persuade it to allow him on, or Francesco praying every gods he knows. What about Roland the Fourious (on CBR600) and his terrific humor ! Not to talk about his capacity to drink alcool, every kind of.
Saturday Night gastro-dinner was at Gamberaldi villa: a special event with a special meaning for people less smart than us.

That’s all folks: we had cool days, a lot of bike, sun, food, wine and friendship.
Do not forget the ATic’s SPIRIT and see you next meeting !



We as the ATiC provide only information regarding to this event. We offer roadbooks for possible tours and try to help you in finding a suitable accomodation. However, you join all events totally voluntary and on your own risk. We are absolutely not responsible for things that happen to you or to your gear. In case of an accident, damage or loss you and the involved persons are fully responsible to each other. You cannot claim ATiC for any reponsibility.

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