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13th ATiC meeting
Calabria / Italy
June 2002


The 13th ATiC meeting took place in Calabria/Italy, on Camping Calabrisella, located directly at the beautiful beach of Catanzaro Lido. We stayed there from 8th of June 2002 (evening) until 13th of June 2002(departure).

Report (by Francesco)

During Val di fassa meeting, i show to Micha that should be possible to organize one in southern Italy. Later, next November, i received an e-mail that asked me if i still interested to organize the meeting. My answer was of course

To bear that - I don't live there anymore - I organized all by phone (with my dad providing support for wine and BBQ)

The choice was Camping Calabrisella, located in a pinewood near Catanzaro beach, in a strategical position for various tours as well as a jump into the sea.

A solid group of participating meet in Livorno to take ferry to Palermo, to save some km and to profit by a trip to Sicilia..

Here our heroes on the Etna!

Afterwards they continued the journey to Calabria.

during the trip Ralph slipped and Carole.s ankle was sprained, but all was at once ok.

When they arrived to camping, they pitch the tents, hardiest also an hammock.

Quietest rent a bungalow...

Next days classic atic meeting rate, on day several trips to discover neighbouring places.

Tropea beach

Capo Vaticano

South Coast

La sila

Tasting typical food ...

Repairing bikes in the camping...

... or others just relaxing!

At evening all around a table for famous atic bbq.

.then a pit-stop on a gelateria.

Finally the bonfire on the beach!


Some suggestions for tours in the area:

You may download these tours in mapsource format to your Garmin GPS.

  1. Francesco Gentile & Loretta
  2. Michael Dipper (*)
  3. Lory Durighelo on XL600V (*)
  4. Bernd Wolfes (*)
  5. Falk Schmal (*)
  6. Thomas Mueller (*)
  7. Adrian Burkert & Nadine (*)
  8. Gian Luca Giangualano (*)
  9. Frank Mueller (*)
  10. Werner Rosenthal
  11. Karin Lehmkuehler
  12. Ingo Doering (*)
  13. Juergen Reimann & Claudia
  14. Ralph Mason & Carole (*)
  15. Wolfram Birk (*)
  16. Francesco Mancusco
  17. Udo Koelling (*)
  18. Arnd Ruegge on F650
  19. Guido Marangoni
  20. Torsten Metzner (*)
  21. Liuben Ivanov
  22. Ilias Katsikas & Helen
  23. Ingo Zimmermann
  24. Michael Krebs (*)
  25. Nicoletta Filipponi (on XLV 600) (*)
  26. Hermann Cavina (c/o Beppe) (*)
  27. Joerg Juenger (*)
  28. Olivier Loynet
  29. Lars Spittel
  30. Massimo Colurcio & ???
  31. Flavio Fralonardo & Concetta

(*) indicates participation in the Sicily ferry trip


We as the ATiC provide only information regarding to this event. We offer roadbooks for possible tours and try to help you in finding a suitable accomodation. However, you join all events totally voluntary and on your own risk. We are absolutely not responsible for things that happen to you or to your gear. In case of an accident, damage or loss you and the involved persons are fully responsible to each other. You cannot claim ATiC for any reponsibility.

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