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10th ATiC meeting
Gemona del Friuli / Italy


The 10th ATiC meeting took place from 12. August 2000 (evening) until 15. August 2000 (morning). We stayed on a campsite in Gemona del Friuli (Udine) / Italy. It is a very good starting point for explorations in the remote mountains around. We choose this date in the middle of August since the weather at the end of the month is often very unstable.

Links presenting the area:

  • History of Gemona


    After becoming quite comfortable during the last meetings this event was under the theme of back to the roots.
    This means that the only thing we offered were the campsite and some suggestions for tours. No rooms, pre-organized dinners or hotel-like-feeling. I think, most people did like it anyway :)


    The area offers a variety of possible tours.

    • Visit Dolomiti mountains, approx. 50km from Gemona. There you can find endless pass roads and beautiful landscapes.
    • A trip to Slovenia. Just 40km away you can explore very remote areas, mainly on gravel roads.
    • Explore remote pass roads around. Small, graveled single track roads and more.
    • Offroad in the river Tagliamento. A large river bed filled with large pieces of gravel and mostly dry in summer.
    • Visit a mediterranean beach in Lido di Jesolo.
    • Day trip (approx. 300km) to Venezia.

    Please note that some of the offroad challenges may require special equippment or extended skills. Also it may be forbidden by law to ride there.

    Report from Michi

    After deciding to have a "back-to-the-roots"-meeting, with fewer people than the meetings before, Micha, Jürgen and me decided to set up the meeting in Gemona. This place was known from earlier Atic-Offroad-meetings organized by Martin (atic#11). All my organisational activity was sending an e-mail to Nicola (atic#92) asking him, to find out the prices of the camp-site on this particular weekend and reserve place on the site.

    This was really easy organising :-)
    I started down to Gemona from Munich (which is about 350 km, so no problem) in the morning to arrive about at noon at the camping site. First I had a look who was already there. First thing popping to my mind was Axels Zebra. So one comrade for heavy drinking was already there :-) Nicola and his girlfriend already were there too, and some other people who I didn't know yet.

    Axel reminded me of the last meeting in Italy with the words "Due Ramazotti" and pulled out a bottle of "Ramazotti menta". So the afternoon was filled with telling stories and remembering the last meetings. After a while I was so drunk, I didn't even notice most of the others already had arrived ;-) So after a cold shower to get a sober head, we headed off for dinner to a nearby Osteria.

    The next day was settled for racing. We formed a pack of four (Ingo, Axel, Udo and me) to lose some rubber of our tires. The others went on more relaxing tours.
    Ingo was leading the way, but we never were far behind him. In the afternoon Udo crashed his bike very hard, so we pushed it to the next village. Fortunately it wasn't far away. We tried to contact Schneisi in the camp, because he had a trailer with him. But no Schneisi reachable :-( So I packed Udo on my passenger seat and we went straight for the camp, leaving Udos bike in the village. After Schneisi had returned, he Udo and Axel went back to the village to get the bike with the trailer. The others cleaned themselves up and waited to start going out for dinner at a local Pizzeria. We had lots of wine and laughs, telling each other the stories of the day. After getting kicked out of the Pizzeria we continued the party at the camp-site. In the meantime a group of 150 french Velo-Solex riders had shown up making who went alle the way from France to here on their Solex's. They planned to continue the trip to Slovenia. We had several beers and laughed our asses off. Later in the night Olivier's new girl-fried (the waitress of the Pizzeria) which we had organised for him also showed up. We already were totally drunk and had our usual singing routine (simsum). Late in the night with my belly aching from laughing we went to bed (tents that is).

    The next day showed my lack of training in drinking and I decided to have a quiet day while some of the others went off-roading in the Tafliamento river.

    Several italians and me went shopping for a picknick and headed to the of the Tagliamento to have our picknick. We had a very relaxing afternoon in deed. The evening was more quiet than the night before, because we already were quite exhausted from the nights before. and at least I went to bed very early to be fit for travelling home on the next day. In the next morning after saying farewell to all the others I headed back home over the Alps. It really was a "back-to-the-roots"-meeting we had plenty of laughs, great roads, little organising. Just the way it should be. I'm looking forward to the next meeting Ican attend.

    Michi (atic#206)

    Where is the party? Drunken forever? Pizza gigante! Slovenia F. Tagliamento

    1. Nicola Moretto & Daniela
    2. Juergen Reimann
    3. Michael Dipper
    4. Falk Schmal
    5. Thomas Müller
    6. Francesco Mancuso on OPEL Kadett
    7. Stefan Schneider
    8. Nadine Rydzyk on BMW 525
    9. Adrian Burkert on OPEL Astra
    10. Olivier Loynet
    11. Ingo Döring
    12. Martin Franz on XR400
    13. Axel Willimzig
    14. Chris Groesswang
    15. Martin & Kornelia Bischof
    16. Olaf Biedebach
    17. Ralf Delto
    18. Frank Mueller
    19. Christina (c/o
    20. Giangualano Gian Luca & Lory
    21. Bernd Wolfes
    22. Christophe Bouju
    23. Jean-Marc Besse (c/o on CB 750
    24. Kai Kemendy
    25. Carlo Albrecht
    26. Thorsten Rack on DR 350
    27. Udo Kölling
    28. Andrea Grua & Paola
    29. Claudio Franchi
    30. Franceso Gonzato & Nadia
    31. Francesco Gentile & Loretta
    32. Erik Ocvirk
    33. Ron Clermonts
    34. Andreas Lienhardf & Bettina
    35. Guenther Froehlich
    36. Berliocchi Fabrizio & Adriana


    We as the ATiC provide only information regarding to this event. We offer roadbooks for possible tours and try to help you in finding a suitable accomodation. However, you join all events totally voluntary and on your own risk. We are absolutely not responsible for things that happen to you or to your gear. In case of an accident, damage or loss you and the involved persons are fully responsible to each other. You cannot claim ATiC for any reponsibility.

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