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Honda Africa Twin Mailing List

These rules are regularly updated. They developed out of our experiences and so they are neither complete nor they will ever be :-)

  • Every author ist responsible for the articles he posts
  • By submitting a posting you confirm that the content is free of copyright
  • Your posting will be distributed to all subscribers and can be retrieved from the archives later on
  • We will not delete or alter postings as long as they are not in conflict with these rules or with public law
  • Topics for the mailinglist are:
    • Technical questions & answers to the bike
    • Tips and tricks for a better operation
    • Reports about special problems and experiences
    • Information about accessories (no advertising !)
    • References to special events
  • NO topics for the mailinglist are:
    • Flames in general
    • Curious stories about your latest crash
    • Virus warnings - there are better sources for such kind of information
    • Discussions why the XXX is the better bike - We know the truth ...
  • OFF topic are items discussed again and again (and explained in the FAQ or depending on your personal opinion) like:
    • Which windscreen to use
    • Which tyres to use
    • Using leaded or unleaded fuel
    • Which oil to use
  • There are alternative sources on the web for the following topics and so they are not welcome here:
    • GPS
    • Varadero
  • The preferred language is english. If you have problems with a technical term, give it in your mother tongue and add an english description of what you mean.
  • Traffic has to be reduced as much as possible. Note that some of the recipents may have limited storage capacities. So keep your postings short and answer via private mail if the topic is of no public interest. The original sender can post a summary of the answers he got some days later.
  • Quote correctly. If you copy only the relevant parts from the original message, reading becomes much easier. If your mail contains 10% or less of new information something is wrong.
  • Please use a sensible subject. Otherwise people can't locate articles using the database of old postings. Subjects like "some questions" don't make sense !
  • NO attachements at all. If you want to publish a scan or if you have a big article, contact me via email and I'll put your data on the XRV Homepage if possible. This is also valid for attached HTML mails or plaform specific text documents (like M$ word files).
  • If you want to unsubscribe from the list, you have to you use the automatic unsubscription. I am not willing to manage manual unsubscriptions via email every day !
  • Before posting a question, check out the database of old postings, if it wasn't answered before. Additionally you may find solutions for your problem in the FAQ
  • If your system refuses to accept messages for more than 5 days I reserve the right to remove you from the list without any notice to avoid abnormal consumption of ressources. In this case you can simply resubscribe when the problem at your side is fixed.
  • Don't send any testmails to the list! If you think that there is a problem, contact us.
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