Wildalpen - Höllental - Kalte Kuchl - Mariazell

Route by Martin

Tot.Dist Dist Direct WP Desc
0 0 Start Wildalpen Personally, I think the WA are one of the most beautiful roads of Styria. They seem to be built for the Africa Twin !
10 10 Gschöder
18 8 Weichelboden
27 9 Greith
37 10 RIGHT Gußwerk
45 8 LEFT Wegscheid go for Niederalpl.
47 2 Aschbach Start of the mountain road.
51 4 Niederalpl From now on downhill :-))
61 10 RIGHT Mürzsteg Fast and easy road along the river "Mürz"
67 6 Krampen
74 7 Kapellen Start of the "Preiner Gscheid". The road gets pretty bad. Good to have an AT :-)) (some close turns !!!)
83 9 Preiner Gscheid. High point. Downhill the road has been made new :-(( Now it's not soo funny anymore.
89 6 Prein an der Rax Always keep to the left.
96 7 LEFT Reichenau
99 3 Hirschwang Now the "Hell Valley" begins !!!
105 6 Weichtal
113 8 STRAIGHT Klostertal If you want to drive on more twisty roads, just turn right and have a trip through the "Klostertal". After about 10km, turn left to "Rohr im Gebirge", then "Kalte Kuchl". Total of 28km.
115 2 Schwarzau im Gebirge I'll stop some kilometers after that town. Those, who like to drive an easy gravel road have to turn left. After the gravel, turn right to reach Kalte Kuchl.
124 9 LEFT Crossing Just 3 kms more and you will get food :-)).
127 3 STOP Kalte Kuchl. The famous bikers' treff. Eat, drink and watch the other bikers :-)) And make yourself ready to challenge the "Ochsattel"
127 0 START Kalte Kuchl Preparing for the Ochsattel. It's one of my favourite roads. I'm sure, you will like it, too. At the crossing, take the left road.
137 10 LEFT Crossing. Tunnel on the right side. An easy road. Not very impressive.
140 3 St. Aegyd Now the road gets more funny.
145 5 Kernhof Watch out this little town. On the right side there is a petrol station for chainsaw's !!! Road gets more twisty, enjoy!
152 7 LEFT Gscheid If you like extremly small roads, follow the sign to Annaberg. Turn left after 6km to Mariazell. Very nice road.
160 8 RIGHT Terz
166 6 Halltal Now only few kilometers to famous Mariazell
171 5 Mariazell Mariazell is worth visiting. To get back to your tent, just follow the sign Wildalpen.
176 5 RIGHT Gußwerk You should find the way back now :-))
223 37 STOP Wildalpen Your tent is here

223 kilometer may not sound much, but keep in mind, some of the roads are really twisty.
If you want to have more kilometers but not driving on a road twice, there is an alternative way to reach Wildalpen from Mariazell...just follow me :-))