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4th meeting in Wildalpen/Austria (24. until 29. of August 1997)

The 4th meeting of the ATIC was held in Austria in the beautiful area around the little town Wildalpen. During the four days in Wildalpen we did great explorations in the surrounding mountains by bike as well as by boat (!). Achim and Martin managed the meeting by providing roadbooks, organizing the campsite and having the great idea of rafting on the Salza.

Our meeting place was a small campsite at the river Salza in Wildalpen. We stayed there for 4 days from Sunday evening until Friday morning (see some waypoints of our tours).

On Monday we did a common trip to Tauplitzalm, Grundlsee and Hallstatt (see the roadbook or map).

We followed the twisted mountain road up to Tauplitzalm. Reaching the top, we had a rest in Alpengasthof Hierzegger. Their playground offers a wide range of bikes for different purposes ...

Our next stop was at the Grundlsee. Meanwhile it was quite hot and some of us dreamt of a fresh bath while others being fully clothed didnīt like the idea too much :-)

Afterwards we visited the historic town Hallstatt, including the famous bone house, where the dead peopleīs skulls were collected in recent centuries.

The next day a trip (see the roadbook or GPS track log) through the famous biker area around Kalte Kuchel was arranged. As usual we met at the fireplace on the campsite after the trip.
This evening we were able to join another very special event! No, not the presentation of the new XRV 1000 - but the presentation of the brand new XRV baggage system. See the picture of Ingoīs new system now including mounting points for all kinds of "boxes" ...

The third day was free of biking ! Rafting with the nice support of Freelife was our task.

Preparation of all the ATICs took some time, but then the adventure started !

Adiīs bike had a small technical problem (with big consequences !), but as I heard he didnīt mind the day he had to travel with Sakis ... In the evening additional fixings at Martinīs bike and Sakisī garage was opened again !

The 4th day was reserved for free explorations in the mountains around ... ATICs were heading towards different places. Some visited the iron trail (have you heard about the famous Erzberg rallye ?), others did further explorations "on" the Salza.

Finally: The end ... Leaving Wildalpen in the rain.

Credits and special thanks for:

  • Cool pictures: Achim, Ingo, Jürgen, Micha, Mike and Rotraud
  • GPS data: Adi
  • Great organization and global management: Achim and Martin
  • Lots of fun: All the participating ATICs !

    Participants and their email addresses:

  • Achim Mühlberger & Christine
  • Martin Franz & Alba
  • Michael Dipper & Christina
  • Sakis Loykmakias & Lena
  • Siskos Nikos
  • Mixalis Papadopoulos
  • Panos Mousxoulis
  • Andreas Mittheiss & Claudia
  • Adrian Burkert
  • Stefan Schneider
  • Jürgen Reimann
  • Guy Malacrida
  • Rotraud Kahle
  • Daniel Rack
  • Michael Krebs
  • Ingo Zimmermann
  • Eric Ocvirk
  • Vladimir Stehlik & brother
  • Cesare Pelissero
  • Ingo Döring & Nadine
  • Martin Kropp
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