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The ATIC´s 3rd International meeting in Tuscany/Italy, 1th May to 3th May of 1997

The 3rd meeting of the Africa Twin Internetional Connection (ATIC) took place in spring 1997 in Tuscany/Italy. The main manager Beppe Burlando was able to offer room for all visitors in an old castle, called La Cavallara, located directly in the beautiful mountains of Tuscany at 44004'49.1''N / 11040'23.8''E WGS84 (data provided by Adi). The castle was currently under renovation, so the comfort was quite low (no showers, one toilet, cold water, ...), but I think nobody had any problems with that, because the team spirit was really excellent and so nobody realized the minor problems :-)

To get an image of the meeting, just have a look at the pictures below. Clicking on them may give you higher detailed scans. Thanks to Phoebus Katsanos, Michael Krebs and me :-) for providing the pictures. Of course all are (c) 1997 by the ATIC :-)

Still silence and empty chairs in La Cavallara. Nothing more to hear than the barking of Satan ... But the first visitors arrived early. Thomas (M.) was one of the first ones, although he had the longest trip. So you know, why you need a 45l tank in Europe: No breaks for filling up :-)

Most of the visitors arrived in the late afternoon. La Cavallara gave a beautiful scenery to the arriving ATICs and the Greek Fanta (?) found its friends rather quickly (watch Thomas (B.) before the first taste).

Lots of space behind the house for all the tents and bikes. There were a maximum of 30 @s and lots more of people ...

The next day Beppe & Lorenzo offered two leaded routes through the beautiful landscape and cities of Tuscany.

We started in a giant convoi ...

... but it became shorter quite soon: The first rear wheel bearing went broken (5 more should follow on this meeting !). So Andreas @ had to overnight in a small town. Imagine the faces of the people, seeing an @ without driver and rear wheel, simply towed to a lamp.

But now it was Sakis´ time: See him at doing really hard work in changing all the broken bearings. Stefan´s opinion about Honda parts doesn´t need any explanation :-)

In the evening Beppe (white hat) and Lorenzo (blue pullover) had organized an excellent dinner with lots of pasta and italian vine.

Well Adrian, the bottle is really empty :-) Marco has already switched to tea ...

Some more transports of rear wheels on the next day and a second excursion on the twisted roads in Tuscany ...

Some of us visited Rimini to have a bath in the mediterranean sea. As I heard, sand in the trousers makes a lot of fun, while biking :-) At least afterwards you won´t complain on the bad @ seat any more !

However, like everything else this meeting ended quite soon. After fixing the last bearings on the morning of the fourth day (see the last pictures) everyone went home.

So again our special thanks go to Beppe, Lorenzo and all their helping hands, without them this great event wouldn´t have been possible !

If you are interested in these and lots more of pictures from all the ATIC meetings, including high res Kodak Photo CD images you may contact me to get a copy of our first official ATIC CDROM !

The participants of the meeting, include email addresses to get in contact:

  • Beppe Bonardi Burlando
  • Lorenzo Marsigli
  • Michael Dipper
  • Thomas Born
  • Jörg Jünger
  • Marco Spötzl
  • Jürgen Reimann
  • Martin Franz (+wife)
  • Achim Mühlberger
  • Michael Krebs
  • Stefan Schneider
  • Michael Kanzler
  • Jörg Bungert
  • Andreas Mittheiss (+girlfriend)
  • Fabrizio Calvo
  • Thomas Mansfeld
  • Cesare Pelissero
  • Adrian Burkert
  • Phoebus Katsanos
  • Frank Müller
  • Sakis Loykmakias
  • Papadopoylos Mihalis
  • Francesco Nefertiti
  • Thanos Stavrou (& wife)
  • Ilias Katsikas
  • Kostas Drakatos (& wife)
  • Kostas Golfinopoylos (&wife)
  • Nick Chalkidis (& wife)
  • Kai Becht
  • Marlo Suendermann
  • Franceso (& Nadia)
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