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2nd International Africa Twin Meeting on September, 21th 1996 at the Lake of Konstanz, Germany)

click on the pictures to get a high resolution image !

Yes, it's true ! Although not planned, a second Africa Twin Meeting took place in 1996. We met at the Lake of Konstanz (Bodensee) in South Germany, where we stayed for a weekend. Despite the bad weather conditions 15 bikes found their way to the lake, some of them from up to 700km away which really impressed me !

There are (from the left to the right):  

    Christina, Jörg, Stefan, Martin, Jörg, Christine, Mike, Ingo, Thomas, Phil, Marco, Achim, Ulli, Jürgen

Not on the picture are: Me (turn around and you'll see me), Tilo who left us early and Adrian who could join us only on the Swiss part of our trip.

Lots of interest got RD03Ingo's sidecar on his bike.

Our trip started on the ferry parking area in Mersburg where we met initally. In the late noon we drove in a huge convoi (approx. 300m) to the (Mt.) Pfänder in Bregenz /Austria. On the top there was a lot of fog so that you can't get any pictures from our offroadtrip downwards ;-(

Jörg an his flying sheep ...           and a very tired Phil ...

In the evening at Thomas' home who accepted the huge task to find a place to sleep for all of us.

Achim, punishing his sozia (???), the "harder" ones doing camping in the garden and our heavy smokers Martin, Stefan and Thomas using every break for a deep breath ...

The next day we took the ferry to Konstanz (german readers notice the sign at the office :-)) and continued our trip through Switzerland.

Some cool pictures were taken by our "press vehicle" (RD03ingo's sidecar Twin). These pictures have been taken by tough Christine, performing acrobatic elements during her shootings that would have gained a score of 10 at the Olympics.

Mind the huge convoi !

At the end of our trip was the Schwägalp (Säntis), an interesting area for biking in the mountains ... But, the mountains disappeared in the fog again and you won't see very much on the picture ...

The participants:

Micha Dipper
Thomas Born
Joerg Juenger
Juergen Reimann
Philip Herzog
Stefan Schneider
Joerg B.
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