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1st International Africa Twin Meeting on May, 18th 1996 in Zell am See (Austria)

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You are owner of an Africa Twin and havenīt been at the AT-Meeting in Zell am See ? Then you definitly missed a cool event in 1996 !

But first a few words about the birth of the plan for this meeting:
In January 1996, Achim Mühlberger invited to this meeting as a result of the increasing number of internet users owning an AT. There was a noticable mail flow before and so arised the idea to meet and to talk to each other "face by face".

Due to the long distance from my home near Stuttgart (first picture) I started one day before the meeting and stayed the night on a wonderful campground in Prielau near Zell (I can really recommend it, it's directly at the seaside including a restaurant and a shop).

The official meeting point for the next morning was the parking area of the Grand Hotel in Zell. Imagine the faces of the hotel guests seeing a couple of motorbikers all riding identical bikes directly in front of the entrance :-) After a first contact the number of participants increased up to eight bikers and two female co-riders, what means that we were eight ATīs !
There were 6 austrians, 3 germans and even a norwegian biker who joined us on his way down to Greece.

Our travelling route was leading us up the Grossglockner alpine road. Normally a beautiful way with lots of tourists we were very unlucky and disappeared completely in the fog. Because of the low temperature (approx. 5 °C) our break at the top was quite short and after taking some pictures very quickly we had a windy ride downwards on the other side. At the late afternoon we arrived at our place for the night in Lienz. In the meantime we had 25 °C again and so everybody was happy ...
The evening was (of course :-) ) filled with heavy discussions about technics, problems and other themes releated to our bike (some of our results can be found in my technical database). Very interesting and amusing were Jon-Arneīs (the norwegian) stories about riding on snow (you MUST see his pictures !) and camping at -25 °C in Norway during their wintermeeting in January.

On the picture above you should normally see all of our bikes but after a small falling down of a bike with taking another one with it, we decided to increase the parking distance in order to avoid an eight-bike-domino-effect ...

The next morning started with beautiful weather conditions again. In the meantime two bikes had left us, but we got an additional CB500 rider to compensate the loss. Our route was leading us over the Iselsberg.

Afterwards we took a small mountain road up to the skiing area of the Mölltaler glacier. Our co-riding girls decided to stay downhills (didnīt they trust us ?) and were catching a bit of sun while we were driving the small and steep road. After reaching nearly the top, road conditions began to get worse. Finally the road was covered completely with snow and even the experts among us had to turn around after 200 additional meters.

After some more participants had left, we (three ATīs and the CB500) continued our trip over the Postalm where the last pictures was shot.

Got a bit of interest ? Then you should watch out on my homepage or join the Africa Twin Mailing List, because we decided that there will definitly be a next meeting with new routes and hopefully some new faces !

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