Shopping For Acessories

Andorra has the highest concentration of motorcycle accessories store in Europe and prices are generally 20% to 40% less expensive than it would be in French stores.

Shops are mainly in the city of “Andorra la Vieille” but there also some at the Border of Pas de la Case .The option Pas de la case has the advantage to save you about 60 kilometers .

Prices do not appear on the goods shown in the store or on catalog so you need to come in and ask for it. However the prices are fixed and rarely can be negociated .

The best bargains are on crash helmets and textile.

Some of the products might be as expensive as they would be in you own country. For example BAGSTER soft luggages are just as expensive as there are in France. It might be the same with other products made in Italy or Germany.

When shopping in Andorra the best is to go with a good knowledge of the prices you would get at home for exactly the same good.

For the crash helmet you need to verify that the crash helmet has an European certification . If it has not do not buy it because your insurance will not certify your helmet in case of accident even if technically it is exactly the same than the one with the certification.

If you do not mind not having the latest 2003 collection ask for the 2002 or even the 2001 model (if any left) and get even better prices. Gas is also cheaper than anywhere else in Europe so if you can have a big gas refill there it will be a good deal.

Each person older than 15 has the right to buy as much as 550 euros of goods without paying customs taxes.

Shopping hours are Spanish ones generally 10-14in the morning and 16h-20h in the afternoon. Traffic in the Andorra is always very heavy . One good technique is be there when the shops open and to buy in the morning and leave Andorra around 13-14 h.... when every body else arrive . The inconvenient is that you have to travel early in the morning . The trip of about 200 kms takes about 3 hours.

Alcohol, cigarets and perfume

Limited per person to 150 cigarets , 1,5 liter of strong Alcohol ( whiskey or high Alcohol proof drinks) and 30 mm of perfume

Never listen to a seller who tell you there is no limits. There are often in touch with the customs. It has happened that, when you have more than authorized, they follow you in the street, check your license plate number and give a phone call to the custom . As the result you get caught at the custom. However it is also true that motorbikes are rarely stopped because they potential to carry lot of goods is limited .

I guess that is it. The hunting season for good bargains is now open.