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Switzerland/ Maloja tour provided by: Adrian Burkert




Height of pass: 1815 m
Slope: 9 %
# of turns:
Best season:
Time: 33 min tunnel / pass
Distance: 25.2 km / 34.1 km tunnel / pass
Roadmap: Map of the pass GPS Data

Location Coordinate [WGS84] Type Services
Catasegna 46° 20' 01.7'' N 009° 30' 48.6'' E village all services
St. Moritz 46° 29' 57.4'' N 009° 50' 20.6'' E town all services
Silvaplana 46° 27' 32.8'' N 009° 47' 36.1'' E village
Maloja 46° 24' 26.0'' N 009° 41' 45.9'' E pass restaurant, restrooms


General information
Road condition: good
Customs I / CH halfway up.

Road description
[From Catasegna to St. Moritz]
At first the pass starts with a few small villages situated at the flank of the mountain. Soon you reach customs and then the road is straight to the end of the valley where hairpins of all kinds make your day !

After maybe 20 hairpins you reach the 'pass' - a nice view down and up to the snowy mountains.

The speciality of this 'pass is that on the other side there is no valley but a high plateau falling only very slowly ...

A nice and easy ride along the lakes to St. Moitz.

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