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San Gottardo - Sankt Gotthard
Switzerland/ San Gottardo - Sankt Gotthard tour provided by: Adrian Burkert


San Gottardo - Sankt Gotthard


Height of pass: 2109 m
Slope: 10 %
# of turns:
Best season:
Time: 17 min / 46 min tunnel / pass
Distance: 25.2 km / 34.1 km tunnel / pass
Roadmap: Map of the trip GPS Data
Location Coordinate [WGS84] Type Services
Wassen 46° 42' 07.9'' N 008° 35' 34.3'' E town all services
Andermatt 46° 37' 54.7'' N 008° 36' 00.1'' E village all services
Airolo 46° 31' 43.1'' N 008° 36' 39.7'' E village all services
San Gottardo pass 46° 43' 44.3'' N 008° 11' 11.6'' E pass restaurant, restrooms


General information
The Gotthard is the most important, the most controverse and the most traditional pass in Switzerland - it is a symbol for the 'victory of man against nature' (why not the way man has learned to live with nature ? - well this would lead to a longer discussion, so back to the history).

Ever since the postal horsecars crossed it became a legend. Then the railway tunnel, later the road tunnel and the new pass road was built and in future maybe even the NEAT (new european alp transit for trains.

First of all all the roads are in excellent state !

You have three possibilities to conquer the mountain:

    1. the tunnel - autobahn, you need the vignete (a lot of police controls for the vignette here)
    2. the new pass road - almost an autobahn over the hill
    3. the old pass road
I will only describe the old pass road - 'cause this the road to ride !!!

Road description
From Andermatt follow the signs to the San Gottardo. After a while you turn right from the asphalt road to get on the old pass road, which was built 1830 but renovated a few years ago.

Don't panic - it's just the old paving stone road, really great fun to ride ! From here up to the pass you have a lot of easy curves to get used to the ground and the funny noise your tires make when laying down in them ...

On the pass there are tourist shops and restaurants, then the road winds down hairpin after hairpin to the Tremola canyon.

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