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Switzerland/ Flüelapass tour provided by: Adrian Burkert




Height of pass: 2383 m
Slope: 11 %
# of turns:
Best season:
Time: 31 min
Distance: 33.2 km
Roadmap: Map of the Fluelapass GPS Data
Location Coordinate [WGS84] Type Services
Davos 46° 49' 05.2'' N 009° 50' 25.0'' E town all services
Zernez 46° 42' 01.4'' N 010° 05' 27.6'' E village all services


General information
Road conditions: good
Road description
Nice road up the hill ! Hairpins in the beginning - through the forest - then less curves traversing the mountain up to the pass. Up there it looks like you're on the moon: The spot is surrounded by high peaks, vegetation is dominated by brown grass, many rocks & gravel cover the ground, even in october there is snow from the last year left because there are only a few hours a day with direct sunshine ...

The way down is very nice as well !!! A cool long ride downto Davos with views to meadows, the Weissfluh peak and little rivers.

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