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Bernina pass
Switzerland/ Bernina pass tour provided by: Adrian Burkert

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Height of pass: 2328 m
Slope: 12 %
# of turns:
Best season:
Time: 60 min St. Moritz - Tirano, I
Distance: 53.4 km St. Moritz - Tirano, I
Roadmap: Map of the Berninapass GPS Data

Location Coordinate [WGS84] Type Services
St. Moritz 46° 29' 51.9'' N 009° 50' 25.1'' E town all services
Tirano 46° 12' 59.8'' N 010° 10' 04.4'' E city all services


Sights in the area

General information
Road condition: good
Bernina is a continental water divide: The water from the one lake on top flows into the Black Sea, the water from the other into the Atlantic

Road description
After St. Moritz the road leads into a valley with nice forests and little rivers. Be sure to stop from time to time for a view or even a short hike or a picknick. Take care at the railwaycrossing: I think they wantet to build a ski jump !!! Have a break at the parking nearby and watch the choppers grind the chromium off their bikes ... also a nice photospot for pictures of the Bernina and the glacier.
The road itself is not very spectacular but the landscape really is worth the ride !!!
Up at the pass there is a restaurant and a big parking with a great view of the mountains.

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