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Sweden tour provided by: Andreas Lienhardt

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We came to Sweden by ferry from KOPENHAVEN - DRAGÖR (DENMARK) (near the airport) to MALMÖ.This ferry is a bit longer than HELSINGÖR - HELSINGBORG, but very nice. You can watch the new bridge over the ÖRESUND, which should be ready next year. We went north on the rd 22 to LUND. Than rd 23 to HÄSSLEHOLM, OSBY, to VÄXJÖ. There we took rd 30 to LAMMHULT and took the camping there. Next day we reached JÖNKÖPING. We followed the big lake on the E 4 till ÖDESHÖG than we took the rd 50 to MOTALA. Still following the lake and going on to ASKERSUND. 26 km later we reached the E 20 and went on to ÖREBRO. Along the lake on E 18 - 20 to ARBOGA and on E 18 to KÖPING and VASTERAS. 31 km later we took the camping in ENKÖPING. Next day on rd 55 to UPPSALA, because we wont go to STOCKHOLM. (it had more than 30°C these days, so we wont go into a city). From UPPSALA we took rd 282 to EDSBRO, than rd 280 and 76. On rd 283 we went to GRISSLEHAMM to take the ferry to ALAND. (fin.: AHVENANMAA). This part of our Sweden tour was the fast tour, to reach Finland very fast.

We came back to SWEDEN in the far, far north. On our way south from the north cape, we went to Finland and crossed the arm of the dancing virgin. (Fins know what I mean ;-)) We crossed the border at KARESUANDO (fin.: KAARESUVANTO). We took rd 45 and passed 2 towns on the next 135 km. (and meet the most mosquitoes on our tour). Than in SVAPPAVAARA we reached the E 10 - 45. I know this place from last winter, because my car broke down here at - 40°C. But now in summer it wasn't that cold. :-). So we went to KIRUNA to take the camping there. We watched the iron mine in KIRUNA, which is really famous and than took the E 10 to RAUTAS, RENSJÖN and ABISKO. Here is the "ABISKO - National park" The road is now going up into the mountains up to RIKSGRÄNSEN and down to NARVIK in Norway.

Again to Sweden we came from MO I RANA on the E 12 the "BLA VÄGEN". The road is crossing the high mountains in this area, with some very nice views and is going down to TÄRNABY, where we spent some days. Tärnaby is the home of the ski club of "Ingemar Stenmark" the famous Swedish ski champ. A tour took us on road 73 to the lake Rossvatnet. We took a gravel road before the Norwegian border and reached the lake in Norway after 30 km. Then we followed the lake on gravel roads. First we took the wrong direction and the way ends on a farm. So we went back and reached the rd 73 again and went back to Sweden. Short after the border you can visit a holy place of the "Sami culture" the ATOKLINTEN. Another tour took us south of Tärnaby than left on gravel roads to the NORRA STORFALLET mountain. (You can't reach him, because it is in a national park). We followed several gravel roads which brought us to some lakes and small villages.

We left Tärnaby south on E 12. Before GARDJÖNAS we went right on a small road. After 34 km (sometimes gravel) we reached DIKANAS. Here we found a funny "burger grill" in a lappish tent. We sit where and watched our burger on a grill in the middle of a tent. (very good). When we went down south again on the "SAGA VÄGGEN". After ca. 46 km we went right on a very small road. The next 157 km have been the most time normal road and sometimes gravel road. Very lonely at the beginning and through a very nice forest and sometimes along wonderful lakes and waterfalls. We passed SAXNÄS and KLIMPFJÄLL. When the road get up very high into the mountains. On the way down we passed another impressive waterfall and reached GÄDDEDE. We took the camping near the lake. The next day brought us again to NORWAY for a short time. We went to NORDLI and on rd 765 back to SWEDEN. We passed HOTAGEN and LILLHOLMSJÖN. Still on rd 340 we reached KROKOM and on E 14 we came to ÖSTERSUND. We surrounded Östersund and reached BRUNFLO, where we took the rd 45 to go more south. In ASARNA we went right on a small road. This small road was the longest gravel road we took. (nearly 150 km). First through a nice forest to BÖRTNAN, than along lakes to STORSJÖ and LJUNGDALEN. At last over the mountains and down to FUNÄSDALEN where we took our camping. At night the temperature reached 0°C. The next day we went on rd 84 to NORWAY.

The last part of our tour took us back home on the E 6 along the sea. The E 6 was boring after that tour, but good to make a lot of kilometers. We went down through UDDEVALLA, GÖTEBORG (lot of traffic), VARBERG, HALMSTAD to HELSINGBORG where we took the ferry to DENMARK.


We paid between 75,- and 100,- Skr. for camping. For cottages we paid between 200,- and 500,- (Kiruna) Skr. Most time for shower extra costs. In Tärnaby Sauna was inclusive! (extra coast for "smoke sauna").(see also the complete tour)

Sights in the area

  • ÖRESUND-BRIDGE: between KOBENHAVN and MALMÖ. should be ready in June 2000, price for bike might be 125,- Dkr.
  • KIRUNA : iron mine. the iron is brought by train to NARVIK
  • TÄRNABY AREA: with national park and "sami-culture". nice gravel roads.

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