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Scotland tour provided by: Jim Simpson

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Highland Tour, A few days in Scotland

Living in Scotland, this is a Sunday run to me! I have travelled these roads so often I thought the least I could do is share my knowledge of these routes with all Africa Twin owners so you can enjoy these excellent scenic routes through a beautiful country.

Starting from Glasgow when you enter Scotland from the South take the road to Oban. A busy road, well maintained, which just gives you a taste of what`s to come! Oban has three campsites and ample Guest houses if an overnight stop is required before the most enjoyable ride ever. Oban has a number of public bars where the locals are friendly, my favourite is an Irish bar in the town centre. At the end of the night there`s a even a Kebab shop!

Heading North to Fort William, basically, a tourist trap, where you can buy tartan figures etc! This thriving little town has a Macdonalds and several other eateries. A few miles North from here at Aanoch mor ski resort has a Gondola ride, a small version of a cable car takes you up into the mountains, the view is second to none.

Heading North from here up the A82, the road travels up the Caledonian canal and upwards North to Loch Ness. Beautiful smooth black tar, the road is a dream to drive on. The road is full of twisty bits, you have to think about driving, and all this without breaking the speed limit!

Next stop, the capital of the Highlands, Inverness. I actually work in Inverness, a wonderful city, it is so beautiful with the river flowing through the middle and the bridge over the firth to the Black Isle, but that`s for another day!

Onwards to Nairn, a lovely little coastal town, nice for a short stop over then onward inland to Grantown over the Davah Moor. A wonderful twisty road over a moor and back into the Highlands and on to Aviemore. A major ski resort in the Winter and a nice town to visit in the Summer. Nice pubs and shops, plenty of eateries as well.

The road from Aviemore back South to Fort William takes you through Glenbogle country, about 30 miles from Aviemore there is a Loch (lake)on the left hand side of the road, across Loch Laggan you can see the large Graniite built house used in the filming of Monarch of the Glen. Now, my brother just happens to be maintenance man for the estate and house! So if you stop and look across the Loch at the house, don`t be surprised to see an Africa Twin parked there!

The road from Newtonmore down past the Loch to Spean bridge is my favourite drive ever. A mixture of twisty bits and sweeping straights. Next stop will be Fort William again and that`s you back ready to head back to England, where some of the roads are quite nice, especially the Lake district but that`s yet another story.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Scotland and "Haste ye back"



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