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Germany tour provided by: Andreas Lienhardt

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Start: Osnabrück

This is where I life now and I still begin to find the best tours around here. This is a small 100km Tour that I like most. The Tour touches the WIEHENGEBIRGE and the north of the TEUTOBURGER WALD (the mountains are 100 – 300m high).

Leaving Osnabrück east to BISSENDORF. In Bissendorf go left to SCHLEDEHAUSEN. Here you can visit the SCHELENBURG, which is a small castle surrounded by water. Inside is a nice restaurant. (A bit more expensive). If you go on the nice curvy road through a forest with little ups and downs takes you to BAD ESSEN, a nice little town with very nice half-timbered houses. (Fachwerkhäuser).

Then a small road takes you over 20km to MELLE. It’s a very nice road through the hills and forest with the best curves. Unfortunately the road is restricted to 50km/h the most time and the Police check this very hard with all weapons they have, so be very careful.

From Melle take the way to BORGLOH and then to BAD IBURG. Alternative you can take the road to WELLINGHOLZHAUSEN, DISSEN, HILTER to Bad Iburg. In Bad Iburg a small road right and via HOLPERDORP to LIENEN. Police closed this road last summer, but it’s reopened now. (Maybe they try to close it again this summer). Here you can find some serpentines and a nice forest.

It's a bit boring now to go from Lienen via LENGERICH to TECKLENBURG because it’s a big road with less curves. In Tecklenburg it's quite nice. On the way to IBBENBÜREN you will find a parking lot, which is used as biker meeting point. You will have a great view into the MÜNSTERLAND.

An also nice road through the forests takes you via LEDDE back to OSNABRÜCK.


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