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Germany tour provided by: Andreas Lienhardt

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1. Along the river Elbe




Near the highway exit HAMBURG MOORFLEET which is on the highway A1 (HAMBURG - LÜBECK) a small road takes you to the river Elbe. If you are not familiar with that part of HAMBURG you will arrive at the ANDREAS-MEYER-STR. and then take the first left if you come from the highway. Its called BRENNERHOF. This road takes you to a little village (MOORFLEET) which you cross without changing the direction. At the end of the town you cross a small bridge and you can take a look at a very small yacht-harbor. A few meters after the bridge a small road on the right side takes you to the river ELBE. This road is similar to the levee (dam) and follows the river for the next few kilometers. You often have the chance to take a look at the river. Sometimes you can’t watch the river, because the levee gets higher this year. There is a speed limit (60 km/h) on the whole road because the road is urban.

After ca. 16 km you will arrive at the flooded quarry OORTKATEN. If you have nice weather you can watch a huge crowd of people from Hamburg enjoying the sun and the water. I think if you want you can learn Windsurfing at the little school at the lake. At the other side of the levee you find a little harbor and a biker meeting-point. You can get a small snack there (coffee, French fries, "currywurst", fish, cake,) and talk to other bikers or watch the bikes.

Ca. 8 km later you arrive at ZOLLENSPIEKER, there you can take a ferry to the other side if you want. It is also a biker meeting-point and you also can get a snack. I think the ferry leaves every 15-min.

But first stay on this side of the river and go on the nice road. Sometimes it is very windy. If you have luck you can watch some storks. Short before GEESTHACHT you can watch the ELBSTAUWEHR, which regulates the highness of the river and takes the riverboats up to the higher water level behind. If you arrive GEESTHACHT take the way right and you cross the little town. A few kilometers later you pass the nuclear power plant KRÜMMEL. Don’t stay too long there. At TESPERHUDE you must leave the river ELBE for a while. The road takes you up to the B5, a bigger road. Driving left takes you back to Hamburg and right to LAUENBURG. There you can visit the oldest floodgate of Europe. Right behind Lauenburg you are leaving Westgermany but you can’t see anything of the old border.

The B5 takes you then to BOIZENBURG. A brand new road takes you round Boizenburg, but you should cross the little town. Inside Boizenburg you have to go right on a small road (B195) in direction NEUHAUS / DÖMITZ. This road is the most time a few kilometers away from the river ELBE, but you have several chances to take a road to the river. It is a very nice curvy road. If you want you can go to the ferry in BLECKEDE, NEU DARCHAU and HITZACKER. After ca. 70 km you arrive at DÖMITZ and you can cross the river via a bridge. 13 km later you arrive at DANNENBERG. (Well known from the CASTOR nuclear transports to GORLEBEN).

From DANNENBERG you can use the "ELBUFERSTRASSE". A small road that follows direct the river Elbe. !! Eventually the ELBUFERSTRASSE is closed for bikes between HITZACKER and BLECKEDE on weekends; Watch the signs!! If the road is closed you can use small roads close to the Elbuferstrasse and you can reach Bleckede in this way.

After a while you arrive HOHNSTORF and the B209. If you want you can go back to LAUENBURG over a bridge or following the "ALTE SALZSTRASSE" to LÜNEBURG. 5 km behind Hohnstorf in direction Lüneburg you find the ELBUFERSTRASSE again. Follow it through ARTLENBURG, TESPE. Take the bridge on the other side of GEESTHACHT or the ZOLLENSPIEKER ferry or go all the way back on this side of the river to HAMBURG.

2. The lake Tour



Start at Highway exit HAMBURG - STAPELFELD on the A1. Then follow direction TRITTAU. After 11km you arrive at GROSSENSEE. At Großensee follow first the main street and then take the next right at the end of the village. On the right side you can take a small look at the lake GROSSENSEE. The road goes up a little hill with nice curves and then into a forest. Into the forest you will find a small parking lot on the right side. If you stop you have to walk a few meters (500) to the beach of the lake.

The next village is LÜTJENSEE. At the first stoplight take the way right to TRITTAU. Cross TRITTAU and look for direction LÜBECK – MÖLLN. (Difficult for me to describe). Take this way via HAMFELDE, KÖTHEL till NUSSE. At Nusse right to MÖLLN. This is a very nice curvy road. At MÖLLN, the city of TILL EULENSPIEGEL, you can find two lakes. One in the middle of the town and an other one in the forest nearby. From Mölln take the way to GUDOW and then to ZARRENTIN. At Zarrentin – lake you can rent some boats or you can go swimming. You can have some smoked fish in some little shops at the lake. You can go round the whole lake by bike. The old border crossed the lake till 1989. From ZARRENTIN in direction WITTENBURG the first road left follows the lake, but you seldom can see it. It’s a road in very bad condition, but nice on an @. At the end of this road you hit the B208 RATZEBURG - GADEBUSCH. Take the way to RATZEBURG.

In Ratzeburg you will find the next big lake. At the parking lot near the lakeside you will find an ice-cream parlour and a biker meeting point. After a stop take the boring way up to LÜBECK. Via BAD SCHWARTAU (marmalade, chocolate cream, ...) you will arrive at the OSTSEE. Take a look at the TIMMENDORFER STRAND. (The beach of the young Hamburg people).

If you have enough time, follow the coast up to the island FEHMARN where the ferries to DENMARK leave. Or take the way to EUTIN, MALENTE and PLÖN and watch the lakes at these little cities. See also the highest "mountain" of the far north, the BUNGSBERG (166 m) Skiing possible in extreme snowy winters. Finally visit KIEL, Olympic city from 1972. See the MARINE EHRENMAL, dedicated to the U-BOOT WAR. You can also visit an old submarine and get a feeling of the "big" space in such a ship.

The way back takes you to BAD SEGEBERG, there you can visit the KARL MAY Festival in summer. Finally go back to HAMBURG.


Sights in the area

  • "REEPERBAHN" no comment
  • "KÖHLBRANDBRÜCKE" a great bridge over the Hamburg harbor
  • "ALTES LAND" west of Hamburg between BUXTEHUDE and STADE. (Apple and cherry trees)

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