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Afirca Twin wishlist

This is a collection of wishes ATICs would like to see in a new Africa Twin. The number of "*" indicates the number of votes I received. Think about, that some wishes would definitely move the @'s style to a more street like bike. Is this really that what we want ?

6th gear for the highway **
Disc protectors for the front brakes *
Improved adjustable suspension (WP ?) ******
Set of cases fitting exactly to the bike (like BMW) *
Catalysator (only) optional, with easy removal for the desert ***
Quick fasteners for the side covers **
Enduro handshield ****
Fuel indicator instead of switch ******
Gearing improved, no "clack" sound *
Heated handgrips as an option *
Narrower exhaust system (for luggage) *****
Oil dump screws at the front fork **
Solid topcase holder *
Tripmaster improved, GPS as an option ****
Increased power, approx. 80hp/1000cc ********
Increased fuel capacity **
Lower fuel comsumption ***
Mirros more flesible in case of impact ***
Reduced weight ******
Seat improved for more comfort on long distances *****
Optional 1-person seat for more baggage *
Standard power source plug ***
Symmetric footrests for passenger **
Taper roller bearing at the steering head *
No unprotected aluminum. Corrodes *
Wind protection for the feet (like at the F650) *
Windshield optimized, two shields (winter/summer) ? **
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