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Africa Twin in the USA

Past has shown that it may become very difficult to get an Africa Twin imported and licensed to the United States.

According to Todd Moskovitz, atic #1709 there are two "official" ways possible:

  • A letter of compliance (with US DOT and EPA) from the US agent of the manufacturer (Honda will not issue one in US...thanks big red). In fact, Honda has no contact info on their US website, only a customer service number, which a friend of mine in the states called. She told me the person at Honda who answered her call had never even heard of the Africa Twin.
  • The bike must have stickers that say it compies with DOT and EPA (my Japan built AT does not). Without these, one can hire the services of an ICI (independant commercial importer). I recieved a quote from one in california who had never heard of an Africa Twin either. The cost was 2,500 US dollars base price, plus 1,500 for EPA testing, plus 1,500 for an application to wave DOT compliance. I wrote to another ICI in Florida, but have not recieved any reply. I got the names of these companies from the EPA website.
On top of this, one must pay duties and taxes at the border. See the US customs website for these. On the EPA website, they do say that a vehicle without an engine, is technically not a vehicle. Without an engine, it becomes "parts" and the EPA does not regulate "parts." If you can, listen to the Johnny Cash song, "One piece at a time."

Once the bike is in the country, one can then use his or her own creativity to register the bike in the state of their choice. The various states all have different rules regarding registration.

One ATIC said he bought his from a Britain on tour in the US, then used his creative powers to register the bike in Colorado. It seems to me, that since someone can bring a bike into the US for travel purposes, but does not necessarily have to take it home, and many atics live in countries other than the US.....

In case you are interested in contacting other owners or potential buyers in the US for sharing facts about the licensing details, ATiC may list your email on this page. Just send a small hint to us.

Alternatively you may use the query function for selecting US ATICs.

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