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Scottoiler at the Africa Twin

The scottoiler is an unit which automates lubrication of the chain. To achieve this, it contains a special oil which is stored in a small can. The scottoiler is connected to the carburetor's vacuum outlet, so it operates only while the engine is running. It continously puts an adjustable amount of oil drops onto the chain then.

Markus Semrau has collected some hints how to install the scottoiler properly:

  • Mounting the vacuum line
    On the right side of the @ (front wheel on the right, rear wheel left) is a socket head screw at the foot of the right cylinder, which is not provided with a spring or a like. This is the screw where the negative pressure measuring instrument is attached, when carburetor synchronisation is done. Otherwise it does not have a function, the synchronisation itself takes place by moving the screw with the spring between the careburetors. At this screwhole one can apply the Scottoiler enclosed screw with hose adapter and attach the rubber elbow, which then takes up the black negative pressure line.

  • Mounting the storage tank:
    One can install the Scottie whereever he wants to - a friend of mine has it in the cockpit left beside the Tripmaster, but it did not please me there. A further possibility is the attachment at the rear brake cylinder, but I find the thing misplaced there, too - I decided myself for the battery box: At the cover, which separates the battery from the remaining "reservoir ", one can fasten the rubber wedge and the storage vessel well. I did it by drilling four holes in the plastic plate and mounting the wedge and the storage tank with the black plastic stripes. This solution has the advantage that everything is situated relatively central and protected (under the seat) and one does not have to change his @ greatly. Additionally the oil-line can be led comfortably along the left passenger footstool to the rear wheel. (See part 3).

  • Mounting the oil-flow-line:
    The oil-flow-line can be attached to the storage tank by a hole, which one drills into the bottom of the battery-housing, I left it 20 centimeters too long so I can dismount the plastic plate and take it out with the mounted storage tank without dimounting the oil-line. The remaining length of the plastic tube is then fastened at the left passenger footstool (where also a cable is) and at the left wing side, where I used the rubber plate with tunnel which is sold with the scottie. This piece can be mounted easily at the bottom of the left wing by using the adhesive which is also sold with the scottie. The mounting of the end of the oil line can be done like described in the operating instructions of the scottie. I used the scottie metal plate and mounted it on the right screw of the chain director.

  • Connecting the vacuum line:
    The vacuum line (part 1) is easily attached to the adapter of the storage tank by mounting it under the tank of the @ and laeding it into the battery box, where one likewise drills a small hole, so that the plastic plate which fixes the battery (and carries the storage tank) can be bolted on again.

  • Mounting the nozzle towards the chain:
    A small problem still exists in the supply of the nozzle to the rear gear wheel: Due to the bulge at the gear wheel one has only few free space, to which one can introduce the nozzle, so that it ends then between bulge and chain. With a lighter (you can alternatively use a heatgun) the black nozzle end can be bent however comfortably. Only when rolling the @ backwards, the nozzle tends to bend back, but thats no real problem at all. Another possibility is directing the nozzle before the gear wheel towards the center of the chain (reported in such a way in the German "Motorradfahrer" of 12/98) - that is however according to my opinion a considerable mess (oil spraying all over the backside of the bike) and the previous solution pleases me better. Alternatively you can use a med needle as nozzle - such a thing which you can get a the pharmacist can be bend much more stable.
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