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Power reduced Africa Twins

The Africa Twin is sold in at least three differently powered versions:
  • 60hp
  • 50hp (Austria, ...)
  • 34hp (Germany, especially for driving license class 1a)
  • The reduction is normally done by a reduced air intake diameter in the pipes (one for each cylinder) between carburettor and cylinder ("Ansaugstutzen"). The two big plastic plastic pipes can be easily seen if you have a look at the engine, but you won't see the presetted power without disassembling them.

    Getting more power ...

    If you want to remove the power reduction, you first have to lift off the tank. Then loosen the clamps which hold the air intake pipes between carburettor and cylinders. Now you can take away the carburettor. Store it at a clean place and ensure that now dirt can go in.

    The reduction parts are placed directly in the air pipe. For 34hp, there are two metal plates (see picture) inside the pipe with an inner diameter of 19mm. You can just take them out and you have 60hp (all together about 1h).

    If you have a 50hp version, the air pipe itselves is changed, which means that it has a smaller inner (!) diameter (about 32mm). But also no problem here: You can just cut out the plastic a bit to get the full diameter (about 36mm) for full 60hp power. If you don't like this, you can buy an official 60hp air intake pipe, of course. For several countries (e.g. Austria) the 50hp version additionally has an changed camshaft. For getting full power you will have to change it, too. The two cam shaft versions differ in the cam stroke: The international version has 38.5mm, while the 50hp version has ?.?? mm.

    Law limitations and authorities ...

    In Germany you have to register the changed power setting at the TÜV and at your insurance.
    If you have increased the power, the TÜV will normally believe you and accept that for entry in your papers (why should anyone lie and pay more taxes/insurance if it is not the truth :-) )

    This may be different, if you have switched to a reduced power setting: Then you will have to be a professional mechanic and present a license ("Gutachten") for the reduction parts you have added.

    However, it is always very good, if you have the data to be added in your papers at hand. Otherwise it could be quite difficult for the TÜV to figure them out. This could perhaps be a copy of another officially registered AT or a paper from your Honda dealer.
    Prototype of german "KFZ-Schein" (60hp):

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