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I know about two very good books related to the Africa Twin.

The first one is the

    Official Honda workshop handbook
    P-model ('93) - Part no. 64MY100 (german)
    P-model ('93) - Part no. 62MY100 (english)
    V-model ('97) - Part no. 64MAY00 (german)
    W-model ('98) - addon booklet

It is sold directly by Honda and contains a complete overview on every work that can be done with the bike. Detailed explosion drawings show each part of chassis and engine. Very helpful are all measures, tolerances and torques.
Although the cover is not of a very high quality, I paid about 40,-- EUR for the german version. Of course you get a genuine Honda part for your money :-) and the information included is worth the price.
As I heard it depends on your dealer if he is willing to sell you the book. Unfortunately there seems to be a Honda directive allowing the dealer to decide on its own if want's to sell the book or not (of course lots of them fear less repair jobs for themselves and don't).

Another one ist the (german)

    Reparatur Anleitung Africa Twin XRV750
    ISBN 3-7168-1883-6

published by bucheli. Its a bit cheaper and contains information similar to Honda´s book.

French readers may try

    Revue Moto Technique #91
    ISSN 0150 7214

      ETAI rue de Paris, 96
      F 92100 Boulogne Billancourt
      Phone: +33 1 46 99 24 24
It contains info about Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin (RD04, RD07) and Suzuki GSX-R 1100 W (always two bikes per manual)

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