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How to get both headlights burning

Note: All information on this page without warranty !!!

As I heard, since the beginning of 1996 it is allowed in the whole EC to have both front lights of your AT burning (but ask your local authorities to ensure that). Of course you have to change the glass of the second (right) light to give him the same shape as the left one because otherwise it would blind the oncoming traffic.

Currently there seem to be three different versions of the AT to be sold in Europe:

  • two front lights burning in general. This is vaild for the UK.
  • one front light burning. Thatīs valid for France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and Austria.
  • As a special offer the german AT has got the relais that is necessary if both headlights are burning (the switch can't handle the current for both lights) already built in. Some people told me that the relais is not really necessary and their switch didn't melt down for months but I wouldn't guarantee that ...

    Italy still sells the AT with bilux lights :-(

    Other countries' equippment is currently not known to me.

    The result of that is a difference in upgrading for two lamps usage. The german rider only has to mount an about 10cm long cable (1.5mm2) between the free contact at the H4 lamp and the output of the relais (it's the relais directly behind the right lamp). It should be the contact where the fat white/grey cable is fixed, but check with an voltmeter if you got the output (normally the thicker cable).

    Riders from other countries will have to install a relais. It must be able to switch the power of 2 * 55 Watts. Its input must be contacted to the light switch and a connection to the battery providing 12V power has to be made. I canīt give any further details, as I have never seen such a version in detail.

    But what's the result of that ?

    Your "Hi-light" will probably become a bit more flat because you have to correct the normal setting of the right lamp and put it a bit more down if you don't want to blind oncoming traffic (note that it is optimized for HI-light usage ONLY by the factory setting).
    A positve effort would be that you are seen much better by other drivers and of course a gain in the "look" of your bike.

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