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Changing the chain

Generally you have two possibilities to change the chain: You can use an endless chain and mount it by removing the swing or you can use an open chain, attach it to the bike and close it with a chain lock.

Locks which are just secured with a clip are not allowed by Honda and thus you have to use a rivet lock. Here often problems arise since most people don't have the tools which are necessary to close a rivet lock.

But the alternative - using an endless chain - is much easier to realize than many people believe. You don't have to remove any parts of the rear suspension. You can just remove the axis which holds the rear swing. Then it is possible to pull the whole swing (together with the suspension still attached) backwards. The space between swing and frame is big enough to insert the endless chain. Now you can remount the swing axis and everything is finished within less than an hour. Of course this also gives you a good chance to add some grease to the bearings at the swing. I prefer this method, because you can trust on a securely locked chain and don't have to work with semiprofessional methods in closing a chain lock.

Correct chain tension on RD07

This tip came from Marius Folberth, giving help on how to adjust the chain tension exactly.

A problem of the Africa Twin is, that Hondaīs description on how to set the chain tension is not very clear and often leads to a misadjustment. Especially because the given freeplay of 30-40mm seems to be much too less and may cause damage of your gearbox bearing.

To solve the problem Marius removed the spring-fork and set the correct freeplay in the completely sprung state (normally not reachable, especially not while parking). After mounting the spring-fork again he measured the distance between chain and chassis (look on the picture). This distance (bike on side stand, neutral gear) has to be exactly 7 cm while giving smooth pressure on the chain. The exact postion near the front edge of the rear tyre where to get the measure can be seen on the picture, too.

As you can see Iīve build a small stick. If it canīt be inserted, the tension is too strong, if the chain is too lose, the stick wonīt stay there.

Correct chain tension on RD04

Philip Herzog has done the same procdeure on the RD04.
Here you have to keep that much freeplay that you can just press the chain up to the plastic rubber.

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