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English translation of a page by Philip Herzog

Reparing your CDI

CDI's (the ignition blackbox) usually die of an internal bad contact at the backside of the plug. Replacing them is very expensive (200-350 Euro), but fixing is easy. Open the black box by milling about 2mm off the backside of the box, just opposite the plug, so that the hard plastic case is gone and you can see the silicone-type filling. Be careful, don't go to deep! Otherwise you'll damage the printed card inside. Maybe do it step-by-step.

Remove the filling carefully bit by bit with pliers or a dull knife (its soft, so it's easy). Now you'll see the soldering points of the printed card. Re-solder the ones that are opposite the plug.

Now seal the unit again with silicone, but cover the soldering points on the printed card first with some plastic, since some silicone types contain acid and in this case you can do the same job again 6 months later. You can also use 2-compound-glue but that is not easy to remove if it happens again...

Take a look at the pictures to understand my words and do it similarly with your CDI. The spldering points that are marked are the ones to resolder. The one of the RD04 and RD07 look different but the basics are the same.

CDI viewed from the side - click to
download CDI viewed from above - click to
download CDI viewed from top - click to

The soldering point marked red in the second picture is sometimes also gone, best is to also solder it again. If all that still doesn't work, you can still mill off the whole backside and resolder all points. But some CDIs don't want do be repaired...

Philip Herzog

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